Can’t Decide Between Smartphone or Tablet? Let Versus IO Help You!


There are so many mobile phone models out in the market today and deciding among different models can be difficult. Moreover, there are also a lot of tablets that are quite great to have too so deciding on that can be quite a challenge too. Which one do you think would suit you best? Would you like a smart phone or a tablet? Which one would fit your needs?

No time should be wasted thinking too much about it but you want to have your money’s worth so make sure that you make the right decision. Use Versus IO!

This is a website that will let you make comparisons between two mobile phones or tablets and then you can have an overview of the features as well as the different specifications that make these phones and tablets unique and stronger than the other. For those who may not be too techie to know all the different terms and figures, there are also explanations available so that comparison and evaluation will be so much easier.

When you compare two phones or tablets, Versus IO will provide an actual size comparison. The units are placed side by side so that you know immediately the difference in terms of size and overall look. Isn’t that a great thing? You would not have to physically see the units so that you can make an informed choice.

The explanations that are included in the comparison sheet are very helpful to a lot of people. Those who may not know what an HDMI output is will now see a brief explanation: “Video and movies can be watched on a TV with HDMI input.” Now wouldn’t that be much more helpful? Many users are unaware of the other features that are included in their units and with Versus IO, ignorance will never ever be an excuse.

Versus IO has a wide database of phones than tablets at the moment but the developers are reassuring everyone that sooner or later they will have more updates for their tablets section. Nevertheless, this is a great comparison website for those who want a little guidance on what gadget to buy next.

If you feel that you are stumped in making a decision, Versus IO is for you. There is no way that you can’t decide after making comparisons here because everything is just laid out for you.

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