7 Apps and Gadgets to Help You Cope in an Emergency


When an emergency arises, whether at work, home or while you’re out, every bit of help can make a big difference. It’s not practical to carry emergency equipment with you wherever you go, but anyone can make sure they have useful apps and gadgets on-hand in the event of an emergency. Rather than sift through all the apps and gadgets available, consider these seven that can help you cope with a variety of emergencies.


  1. Emergency Rechargeable Radio. Remember when people listened to music on radios, instead of MP3 players? The old-fashioned sort of transistor radio with a new twist can keep you informed in a variety of challenging emergency situations. An emergency rechargeable radio can be recharged by using a hand crank, a regular outlet, with battery power or a small solar panel.
  2. Digital Two-Way Radios. When you get separated from the rest of your group, it’s important to have a way to communicate with them. It’s not wise to rely solely on a cellphone for this because cell tower signals don’t always reach remote areas. A better solution is to carry two-way radios for communication.product_main_5_4fb4d76ea0ddb
  3. Multiple-Mode Flashlight. One of the most important tools to have on-hand in an emergency is a multi-mode flashlight. Carry one that works as a flashlight, sends SOS and has an alert signal, horn or siren you can use to get attention when you need help.


  1. Red Panic Button. When you’re hurt, lost or in danger, Red Panic Button is an app that can get you the help needed. All you have to do with this app is press a button and a text or email alert is sent to nearby emergency services with your location.
  2. GotoAid. If you’re hurt, sick or needing to provide care for someone you’re with, GotoAid can guide the way with through a variety of situations. This app tells you what to do in those first moments of an emergency or disaster, while also providing emergency support numbers. GTA new app image
  3. Disaster Alert. Disaster Alert does exactly what it says—it alerts you to any disasters happening or forming around you and throughout the world. If you live in an area that’s prone to a certain type of natural disaster, this informative app can help you keep yourself and your family safe.
  4. Self Defense. If you ever have to walk or travel alone, you can feel a bit safer by having Self Defense on your smartphone. This app lets out a loud screeching siren and auto-dials emergency personnel when used in an emergency situation. Although it’s always better to travel with another person and make sure you’re in a safe area, Self Defense can connect you with help, if needed.

Having these essential gadgets and apps with you at all times can help you in a variety of emergency situations. Rather than being caught unprepared, when you have these few simple ideas you’ll be able to take care of yourself and find help regardless of the situation. We all hope we’ll never find ourselves in an emergency situation, but if it happens, it’s better to be prepared to cope with the circumstances than be left waiting for help that may or may not arrive.

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