A Review of Opera Mini 5.1


A Review of Opera Mini 5.1

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For people that love using the internet on their phone there is some good news from Opera. They are releasing Opera Mini 5.1 very soon; it is now out of beta. This browser is free to download and use and it is supposedly faster than other browsers for phone use and comes with the most phone apps of any other browser. Opera has always managed to give users the best products for mobile browsing and it’s why they have remained the top company for mobile browsing.

Fast Loading Pages and Smooth Transitions

This new version of Opera Mini runs incredibly fast and opens pages faster than its previous versions. Opera can open pages whether or not they are designed for a mobile phone. The speed of Opera Mini will depend on the type of phone you have but the speed will be faster than with any other browser out there. Opera mini will take up a lot of memory but that is because it loads pages not only fast; but smoothly. Luckily it does not take up enough memory to slow down your phones general usage; so you can still multitask.

Wide Variety of Phone Compatibility

Opera Mini 51 is available for use on most of the mobile phones currently on the market. If your phone isn’t able to run Opera Mini 51; there will more than likely be another version it can run.

Two Different Keyboard Layouts

You can choose to have your keyboard in landscape or portrait form.

Speed Dial

Same as if you were on your home computer; you can get to your saved pages in just one click.

Tabbed browsing

In Opera Mini 51 you will now be able to tab browse online just like you would on your home computer. This will make checking your facebook and email much easier to do on your mobile phone.

New Features and New Settings

  • Mobile and Full View
  • Opera Turbo Speeds
  • Image Quality Adjustments
  • Password management Tool
  • Cookie Organization
  • Downloads Folder
  • Saved pages for Speed Dialling


Opera Mini 5.1 is the best browser for your mobile phone and will allow you to browse the net faster and check your email at record speeds.

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