Microsoft Office 2010 RTM Now Available


Microsoft Office 2010 RTM Now Available

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Microsoft has now made the Office 2010 Professional Plus available for download to all MSDN subscribers. As long as you are a subscriber you can pick up either a 32 or 64 bit version for your computer. Both files are roughly the same size. The one you choose just depends on what your operating system version is.

The beta version of Microsoft Office 2010 RTM gave people a lot of hope that they would soon have an office software system that would be top of the line and would run smoothly. Many users enjoyed the beta version and have kept it on their computers as their main office program to use since its release.

Some users are finding the full version to have a lot of changes while others aren’t noticing a lot of difference but regardless you must take note that some programs have been added.

If you have the beta version of Office 2010 installed you will need to uninstall that first in order to install the new version. There are a lot of changes to this product since it has been in beta stage. Here are a few of the things you will notice are different from the beta in the new version of the program.

  • Excel 2010 as been added as well as word and PowerPoint.
  • Outlook as been added with a contact manager
  • OneNote, InfoPath, and Access have also been added
  • Published, SharePoint, and Office communicator have been added for all the business types that love their tools.

There are certainly a lot of new tools and programs to learn and explore.

Some notes from customers that have downloaded this full version:

  • Some people are experiencing trouble getting the business contact manager included in their installation files and are having to download this program separately.
  • Other people are noticing that the changes are small from the beta version and consider it just to be another waste of space file to download in order to get to the full version.
  • The Business contact manager seems to be included with the office 2010 section of the install for some people while others are having difficulty locating it.

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