Samsung NC10 Netbook Review


Samsung NC10 Netbook Review

It can be hard to decide on a good Netbook to purchase. There are many companies out there producing great quality netbooks; such as Asus’s Eee Netbook, MSI Wind, or many others. One Netbook that has been receiving great reviews lately is the Samsung NC10.

When deciding to purchase a Netbook; some of your deciding factors can be the layout of the keyboard, the quality of the product’s structure, the ability to upgrade your Netbook, and the support offered by the company.

MSI Wind did not have the greatest of reviews even though the product seemed good from the specifications. Eee 1000HE is also a Netbook that sounds great but currently is being held back from release so that will limit your options there if you are not willing to wait for it to be released. The Eee also comes with a really small keyboard and this could take you a while to adjust too.

Finally we come to the NC10. This product can run Windows XP and still give you over seven hours of battery life even with the use of WiFi. Its wireless capabilities are amazing and the keyboard is the perfect size for the size of the Netbook.

This computer is very small and has a very light weight. It can be difficult for companies to build a quality computer in such a small amount of space. Samsung however seems to have pulled this off perfectly with their NC10 Netbook. It’s perfect for travel and seems able to plug into all power outlets available to you on your travels.

It comes with 2 GBs of RAM. This may not seem like a lot but it is perfect for a compact computer you are just going to use to work with or store music and pictures while traveling.

It wouldn’t make a good choice to be your main computer has its ram and processor speed isn’t powerful enough to run any of the higher end programs. It is a good computer for travels or for checking email, facebook, msn, etc while lazing about the house.

So if you are looking for a computer that is small and light that you can carry with you everywhere you go; then the Samsung NC10 is the perfect Netbook choice for you. The long battery life will support you during your travels or casual computer usage at home.

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