The New Blue Wireless Mouse by Microsoft


The New Blue Wireless Mouse by Microsoft

Mac computers can be really annoying to use when it comes to their mice. Apple only gives you a one button mouse and to use the two button option; you need to use both of your hands. This is annoying and many people opt to purchase another mouse for their Apple computers. Microsoft has some of the best mice available on the market that are compatible with Apple computers.

One really good mouse to purchase for use with your apple computer is Microsofts Wheel Mouse Optical. They have two little buttons and have no ball on the bottom that you need to clean. They do however have cords. Cords get stuck behind desks and monitors and quickly become dirty. So even with these mice you will have something to clean free from dust and muck.

If you want to avoid having to clean and detangle the mouse cord; you could instead purchase a wireless optical mouse from Microsoft. With a wireless mouse there will be nothing to clean to detangle from your monitor or desk wheels.

The Microsoft Whireless Optical Mouse Blue is the same size as a corded mouse but requires AA batteries. This will give the mouse added weight but it’s not heavy to the point that its uncomfortable to use.

This mouse works by communicating with a ‘base station’. It uses an infra-red link. The station is the size of the mouse and you can hide it behind your desk or monitor; where ever is best for you. It does not require line of sight in order to use.

You will need to plug the station into your computers USB. You cannot use the mouse port on the back of your computer for your mouse. Sometimes the mouse will stop working. If it’s not because the batteries have died; you can try unplugging and reconnecting to jumpstart the mouse again. This will work 99% of the time. It seems that sometimes something interrupts the signal from the base to the mouse requiring you to restart it so it can regain the signal.

You can change the mouse’s speed by double clicking. You can also control the three buttons and scroll wheel this way as well. You can leave it on its default speed settings or set it to whatever speed works best for you. Either way this mouse will work great on your Mac computer.

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