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3 Smart Ways To Get The Most Out Of Twitter


Millions of people have joined Twitter to build buzz, drive traffic and create loyal followers. But there are very few professionals who have been successful in getting the most out of Twitter. In fact, there’s still plenty of confusion regarding how to best use this social network for max benefit. No matter what your niche is, it’s vital to understand the core concepts of Twitter marketing. Hashtags and trending have done a good job of creating more involvement from users. But are you ready to fully engage?

Here are three smart ways to fulfill your top Twitter marketing goals.

#1. Learn To Craft Your Tweets

Composing a tweet is almost an art. Most of the users make the mistake of copy-pasting a blog’s headline into the Twitter feed. But when you post a tweet, you’ve got to achieve two instant goals – more retweets and click throughs. That’s why it’s vital to spend time writing your tweets. Unless and until you pay some careful attention to writing those tweets, you won’t get the desired results. I know many people who spend 8 to 10 minutes crafting a single tweet.

That means, you really need to think before you tweet.

First and foremost, you need to compose your tweets in a way that appeals to a large number of people. It’s also an excellent idea to use ‘power verbs’ to tweets to receive more click-throughs, adding numbers or turning your tweet into a fun question are other useful ideas.

In any case, you should always make sure your tweets are free from any kind of grammatical mistakes or language errors.

#2. Understand the 4 E’s of Tweeting

If you know the 4 E’s of tweeting, you’ll quickly understand what Twitter actually stands for and how you can use this platform for max benefits. But do you know what those 4 E’s are?

They’re – educate, enrich, entertain and engage.

If you focus on these four elements honestly, you won’t be far from attaining success with your Twitter marketing strategy.

#3. Don’t Ignore SEO

Good SEO can quickly increase the visibility of your Twitter profile. All of this begins with the username that you choose for your account. Make sure you pick a username that’s short and includes the keyword that’s important to you, as it’s the Twitter bio section that brings you the biggest SEO opportunity. So while completing this section, remember to include the keywords that you want to target and those that are relevant to your area of expertise or niche.

In terms of SEO, it’s also important to add links to your Twitter profile from your blog, company website, guest articles and other social networks. The more link juice you pass to your Twitter profile, the more visibility it will get. Putting keywords in your tweets is also significant, as major search engines are already indexing your tweets. Think carefully while choosing keywords (and buzzwords) so that your tweets attract attention from people as well as search engines.

Are you using Twitter for your business benefit? Please feel free to share more ways on how to use this social network – in the comment section below.

Guest article by Missy Diaz who blogs daily for an seo service provider on the web.

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