Samsung Galaxy S5 Review: Is it Worth Buying?


From year to year, Samsung continues to improve its flagship smartphones. With the release of Samsung Galaxy S5 Company decided to focus on additional functionality. With this new approach the new phone has got the protection against water and dust, and also has fingerprint scanner. Let’s see if the company did not lose sight of the main features of S5 in the pursuit of new features.


Along with a smartphone in the box you can find headphones as well as the charger and USB-cable.

Available Colors:

Galaxy S5 is the first flagship of Samsung, which would be offered in four colors at the start of the sales. It is traditional for Samsung devices that at the time of launch there were only available in white and black colors or blue.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Review: Is it Worth Buying?

Design and Ergonomics

  • GalaxyS5 vs. GalaxyS4
  • 142 × 72,5 × 8,1 mm vs. 136,6 × 69,8 × 7,9 mm
  • 145 grams vs. 130 grams

Galaxy S5 feature easily recognizable corporate identity of Samsung smartphones and it can easily be recognized that it belongs to Samsung because its design is similar to last generations. Designers did not abandon the heritage line Galaxy, while its complement elements that have worked well in Note 3.

In particular this applies to the front panel, the angles of which were less rounded and the back cover is made of a different material. In Samsung Galaxy S5 designers virtually abandoned proverbial gloss. And although the main body casing material – it’s still plastic, looks and feels in the hand with new materials significantly better than the previous version.

At the top of the front panel under the glass there is a hidden ambient light sensor and proximity, as well as 2-megapixel Camera.

At the bottom next to the key “Home” are two touch-sensitive buttons: the left is responsible for calling multitasking menu, and the right for a return to the previous step. If you hold down the left, it will bring up a context menu.

Central mechanical key has a short mild stroke. The button has a metal edging and covered by glass, which protects the fingerprint scanner. The back cover of Galaxy S5 has several grooves for better grip of the device.On the right side of the smartphone is the on / off display, it slightly protruding above the surface, but by placing a finger you can easily finds this button.

Samsung is still one of the few manufacturers of smartphones, which offers removable battery option in the smartphones. On the left side is S5 volume rocker, which are easy to press as with the right index finger and thumb of the left.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Review: Is it Worth Buying?

At the lower end of the smartphone can be found connector microUSB 3.0, covered with a protective cap. At the top end are the infrared port, microphone (noise reduction one), as well as a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Rear cover in the Galaxy S5 deserves special attention. With the release of the model Note 3 Company brought in the design of their smartphones such an interesting element as soft-touch plastic decorated under the skin. This concept really looks much better than the glossy plastic with scratch lacquer. In Samsung Galaxy S5 designers continued to exploit this idea by simply changing the textured drawing of the rear cover.

The tactile sensation of plastic in S5 is similar to those in Note 3. With this smartphone is very nice to hold in the hands, the back cover seems rough and even a little soft.

If we talk about the design of Galaxy S5 as a whole, Samsung continues to pursue the development of evolutionary appearance of their smartphones. Like it is not for everyone, but it helps to keep the ergonomics of the device at a good level and to maintain such an important option for some users, as a removable rear cover, without sacrificing build quality. In addition, the plastic itself in Galaxy S5 is much better.

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