4G Technology and Gadgets – An Upgraded Version for the Techies


4g4G technology is a descendant of 2G and 3G that aims to provide high speed data transfer. Among the latest technologies and gadgets, 4G or fourth generation gadgets are rocking the digital world. Through this technology, you’ll be provided speedy wireless internet access, not only if you’re a stationary user but also to a mobile user. The 4G technology is expected to fulfill the deficiencies of 3G technology in terms to quality and speed. Most digital experts are expressing the 4G technology using a word, ‘MAGIC’. Through 4G technology, you’ll be able to access mobile multimedia anytime anywhere throughout the globe.

What is the ‘Magic’ of 4G technologies and gadgets?

The distinguishing feature of 4G technology is high multimedia streaming and end to end IP configuration and these features constitute the Magic of 4G technology. 3G used WiMax and WiFi as 2 separate wireless technologies whereas, it is expected that 4G will combine the two technologies. You’ll be able to practice pervasive computing with 4G technology. The main aim of pervasive computing is to attach itself to every living space that is possible. By using 4G, human beings will be able to remain intact with wireless technology both unintentionally and intentionally.

What are the special features of 4G technology?

The ‘Fourth Generation communication systems’ is the latest technology that deals with communication and networking systems. The 4G technology is giving solutions to the problems faced by the 3G systems. Here are some added features of 4G technology.

* Uses both OFDM and OFDMA: 4G is a multipurpose technology and its versatility lies in the fact that it can utilize almost all packet-switched technologies. 4G can use both the OFDM or the Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing and the OFDMA or the Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access. OFDM can split a signal into various frequencies and narrowband. 4G is able to reduce the intervention among symbols that are associated with data streaming.

* 4G also uses MIMO: 4G technology also uses the Multiple Input/Multiple Output technology (MIMO). Through this antenna technology, you can reduce the errors in the networks and can optimize the data speed.

* UMTS is also a part of 4G: Universal Mobile Telecommunication Service or UMTS was a part of 3G and is also constitutes an important part in the 4G. This broadband technology is able to transfer data in the form of packets or frames. This special feature makes it capable of carrying text, voice, video with 2mb speed. Through UTMS, 4G can make use of international mobile phone via GSM.

The telecommunication industry has already started deploying 4G wireless technologies since early 2007. If the flexibility and versatility of 4G technology can be used along with GSM, it can provide mobile phones an edge over all other technologies. Smart phones, like the iPhones, are also devices that support the working of video blogs. Hence, you can well understand that plethora of opportunities created by 4G for the telecommunication industry.

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