Top iPad Apps For High School Students


While technology certainly gets a bad rap for some of the ill effects on the younger generations, it also carries its fair share of benefits, especially where education is concerned. If your teen has access to an iPad, here is just a small sampling of apps that can enhance the learning experience and make her a better student.

Top iPad Apps For High School Students

Khan Academy

Khan Academy, a non-profit organization supported by donations, has an app that provides access to over 3,500 videos on hundreds of topics from history to SAT prep. Their short-length—about ten minutes—and easy-to-understand format makes them a perfect tool for students who need a bit more clarification on a subject.


Good organization is key to academic success and the myHomework app will help you achieve this goal with ease. It allows you to keep track of projects, classes and tests on a really cool interface that resembles a standard academic notebook. You can easily keep track of assignments with a color coded system that indicates how soon an assignment is coming due.

Math Formulas-Reference Guide

One of the most challenging parts of high school math courses is remembering the numerous formulas. Whether you are studying algebra, geometry or calculus, this app has all the formulas you need, along with examples of how they are applied.


This awesome app helps learners of more than 12 languages, including Spanish, French, German, Chinese and Japanese master their studies. It includes numerous features, such as quizzes, flash cards and clips of native speakers to help you master pronunciation of various vocabulary words.

The Chemical Touch

Chemistry can be a tough subject, but this app can make the learning process a whole lot easier and interesting. It offers an interactive periodic table and extensive information on each element’s properties. The app also provides in-depth information on a number of chemistry topics.

PocketCas Lite

The developers of this app made a pretty bold promise by stating it could solve pretty much any math problem imaginable. Definitely something to look into for sure! This app works by essentially turning your device into a graphing calculator, allowing you to solve complicated equations with the embedded functions from applied mathematics, linear algebra, algebra and calculus.

CIA World Factbook

This is a great app for your history class. The CIA World Factbook gives you detailed information on over 250 countries and locations. Quickly look up anything you need to know about a place, whether it be geography, climate, political structure, or official religion.

Easel SAT Prep Lite

When it comes to preparing for the SAT, the more tools at your disposal, the better; apps are a great supplement to classes , private tutoring and self-study guides. Easel SAT Prep Lite is one of the top apps for preparing for this all-important test. Just like the actual test, it provides a sample workbook with three sections. Each come with 25 questions, and some come with a demo to help you work through it if you get stuck.


While using Wikipedia as a sole research source is probably not the best idea, many of the pages are very well-researched and thorough, making it a potentially good source. The Wikipanion app gives you easy access to the site and allows you to book mark individual entries as well as sections within. You can also make a dictionary search within the site without leaving the current page.

Kelli Cooper is a freelance writer who blogs about all things education.

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