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10 Important Questions You Need To Ask When Hiring A Social Media Consultant


Almost every business needs a social media campaign at at least some point or another. To take care of this aspect of their marketing efforts, many entrepreneurs and businesses hire social media consultants. However, not all consultants that promise success will actually be able to achieve it. These are 10 questions you should ask a prospective social media consultant hire.

10 Important Questions You Need To Ask When Hiring A Social Media Consultant

How Are Your Own Social Media Efforts?

You should beware if you find that the same social media consultant that promises success doesn’t have many likes, followers, or fans himself. A person that knows the how to use the tool of their trade will often be great with it in their personal affairs.

How Familiar Are You with My Industry?

It helps if the social media consultant is familiar with your market, and if they don’t, they should research and understand it before a single payment comes out of your company pocket book.

How Do You Achieve Social Media Success?

It doesn’t hurt to ask about what types of tools the consultant plans to use to help your company gain exposure via social media. Be wary of prospective hires that dodge the question or act as though it is an answer that should stay confident between social media professionals.

How Much Time Are You Willing To Spend On My Campaign?

The social media consultant in question could have several clients at the same time, and this can put quite the strain on your own campaign if you choose to work with him.

How Do You Plan to Captivate The Audience?

This is quite an open-ended question that you should really be looking for a good answer to. Don’t accept answers such as, “I can easily get you one thousand likes on Facebook within the first two weeks.” That does not sound like a very difficult, interesting, or useful feat.

What Are Your Specialities?

Just because the social media consultant claims to be an expert doesn’t mean that he really is. You really want to know which social networks and strategies that will work seamlessly with your business and this person should be able to tell you that.

What Campaigns Are You Going to Set Up?

Ask about what he/she envisions for your company, as far as campaigns are concerned. You can even check his/her portfolio and results to see how these same campaigns worked out for other clients.

What Is The Timeline?

Beware of the promises of millions of likes/followers within an incredibly short amount of time. True and authentic social media marketing will gain these numbers at a steady rate, and will keep them over time.

What Is Your Method For Estimating ROI?

Simply put, if the social media consultant has taken the time to understand and research your goals and business, the ROI should not be hard to determine.

Can You Provide Everything In Writing?

Lastly, if the social media consultant is dodgy or doesn’t want to put the job in writing, steer clear. There are more ethically sound and talented consultants out in the sea!

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