Five Great Apps for Film Buffs


There are many of us for whom film is more than just a passing interest. In fact, for some o0f us it occupies our every waking moment. If this sounds anything like you, there are all sorts of apps you can use to support your cinematic addiction – and here are five of the most essential.


We’ve all been there. You’re watching a movie at home and just can’t figure out where we’ve seen that actor before. If you have a home broadband connection, you could always fire up the laptop and head over to the IMDB search page to satisfy yourself, but that’s going to mean hitting pause and booting up the computer. Luckily, the IMDB app is a great way to access all the movie data you need with just a few taps. It might even settle a few arguments next time you are discussing films down the pub.


You never really know when you are going to fancy heading to the cinema. You may be out and about with a few hours to kill and wondering what’s on nearby. This is where Flixster becomes an incredibly handy app to have around. Not only can you use GPS to find cinemas that are close to your location, you can also check screening times, read reviews, watch trailers and much, much more.

Scene It?

The Scene It? board game has been around for ages now, in various  iterations including special editions for James Bond, Harry Potter and even Twilight. This neat little version for iPhone means you can while away your boring commute by testing your film knowledge and sharpening up your ‘buff’ credentials for next time they might be tested out by a fellow movie lover. You can either grab the regular edition, or go for specific genre versions of the game including comedy, romance and horror.


Since Netflix launched its streaming movie service in the UK it’s been in tough competition with LoveFilm to secure the monthly subscription fees of British film lovers. Some people will have both, but if you’re stuck between the two this particular app could be the thing that gives Netflix the deciding vote. Not only is the selection of films great and the navigation system simple and intuitive, it also works brilliantly with 4G mobile phones so you can watch whatever you like on the go. Just be careful not to use all of your data!

Movie Vault

A little like Netflix, but for hardened movie fans looking to discover forgotten films and long lost classics. Don’t expect to see the latest blockbusters here and bear in mind that many of these films are far from high definition, but if you want a cheap way to stream old movies directly to your handset, this is well worth checking out.

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