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There are tons and tons of iPhone apps out there and finding a true blue useful business app is like hunting for a needle in a Himalayan haystack. Therefore we decided to bring to you a unique bunch of text-based apps that have the potential of making your work life easier. Here we go:

  • Textgrabber: Convert text image to text

Take a photo of text (from a book, journal, etc.) and let TextGrabber convert the text-image to real text that you can use. TextGrabber does not require an Internet connection and you can even browse through the record of images that have been converted. You can use an existing text image or take a picture with your phone’s camera. TextGrabber has many languages built in and you can even crop the images. Once the the image is converted to text, you can copy it to the clipboard, email to fax, or even Google it.

  • Dragon Dictaion: Convert speech to text

Dragon Dictation is a cool speech to text convertor app. It allows you to speak any message you intend to send/upload. You can see your speech being converted to speech instantly. Once you are done, you can email the text, or post it on a blog, or on Facebook. Dragon Dictation allows hands-free text input and saves you precious time from meddling around with the pesky software keyboard.

  • IMO Instant Messager: Message your friends across all networks

IMO is a versatile instant messaging app that allows you to connect with and message your friends over a variety of networks. IMO can help you connect with friends on Yahoo, Google Talk, Facebook Chat, ICQ/AIM, MySpace and more. Once you install IMO, you don’t need any other instant messaging app.

  • Max Email Fax: Pick of the lot from many online faxing services

Max Email fax allows you to send fax to email from your iPhone. It’s very easy to use aand very handy for business owners. All you have to do is take a picture of your document, or attach an existing PDF file or add photographs from your camera and send. It allows you to receive and view faxes on a special Max Email number. You can even listen to voice mail.

  • iSpeech: Text to speech app

Type in any text and have the app read it back to you in Obama’s voice. Or, even in George Bush’s voice. You can buy other voices too.

Larwence Dobson is a tech blogger with an affinity for gadgets and gizmos that make life easier.

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