Top 8 News Apps for iPhone


Here’s the list of top 8 news apps for iPhone.

AP mobile Free

Stay connected to what’s happening around the world with AP Mobile. Aggregating news from The Associated Press and more than 1,200 trusted local news sources, you have the world’s news at your fingertips. To make the experience truly personal, AP Mobile enables you to customize the front page and tabs. For example, you can arrange which news sections to appear first, as well as the number of stories per section.

Allthingsd Free

AllThingsD (D for Digital) is the official app of the website and annual conference of the same name, featuring the website’s daily news, articles, reviews and analysis as well as a back catalogue of interviews, past conference videos and coverage. Customization options allow you to personalize the app with your favorite AllThingsD writer’s icons and content.

Google currents Free

Reading news can get monotonous sometimes, but Google Currents turns an otherwise plain-looking RSS feed into something beautiful. It also organizes your feeds into what is trending and popular so you can read what is important to you first, magazine-style.

Reuters News Pro Free

Keep yourself abreast of financial news and information from Thomson Reuters, one of the world’s leading sources for intelligent information for businesses and professionals, with this free app. On top of that, it has a well-designed interface that presents the news articles in an easy-to-read format. It also boasts market information as well as indices of major stock markets around the globe.

Perfect RSS Reader US$1.99

Perfect RSS Reader, as the name suggests, is by far the easiest way to keep track of your online reading material. A well-designed interface with pleasing natural tones makes it soothing to the eye. Coupled with the ability to synchronize with Google Reader, along with starring articles, adding notes to them and sharing them on social media platforms, the Perfect RSS Reader app provides the full gamut of features expected. A free, ad supported version is available too.

Pocket Free

When you’re busy with work or can’t spare the time to read an online article, drop it into your Pocket app. With automatic syncing to your phone, tablet and computer, you can read all your stored content on a single platform even without an Internet connection. You’re not just limited to articles – you can also store videos, webpages and images. The app also allows you to filter by content type which makes it easy to search for the exact article you want to read.

News360 Free

Reading news from 1,000 sources at your fingertips, News36o allows you to do just that with your mobile device. Supported on popular smartphones as well as on BlackBerry tablets, it categorizes the news articles from over 20,000 newspapers and magazines. It even has the ability to localize news feeds based on the location-detecting capabilities of your device. With such intuitive sifting of news feeds, it will keep you abreast of breaking news development wherever you are. Share the application’s feeds on Facebook and Twitter with your friends to keep them informed too.

Livescore Free

Livescore is a necessity for any football fanatic who wants to be kept abreast of all the latest scores in the game, from the English Barclays Premier League to the German Bundesliga. That aside, the app also displays the most updated results from other major sports such as basketball, tennis and more.

Guest Post by Kashif Raza. Visit for more lists and reviews of top iPhone apps.

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