Three Top Iphone Apps For Running


Three Top Iphone Apps for Running

With so many good fitness and running Iphone apps out there it can be difficult to know which apps are worth their money and which will leave you frustrated and asking for your money back.

There are three Iphone apps that stand out as being the clear favorites of many runners, not only because of the functionality that they provide but also for their ease of use, reliability and above all, are fun to use!

Nike+ GPS

The clear favourite is the Nike+ GPS app. For those that don’t want to spend hundreds of pounds on the Nike GPS watch, this app is almost just as good!

You can track distance, speed time and calories all from your phone, all the while you are being coached by the inbuilt computer that knows your every speed, turn and personal best.

Once finished you can upload your training sessions to the Nike Plus website where you can share with your friends of just keep for future reference. One of the best things about he portal is that when you have broken your personal best a motivational video from a top athlete (usually a USA athlete) will pop up and congratulate you. This sounds cheesy but is actually very motivational.

Map My Run

The paid for Map My Run app allows integration with the award winning Map My Run online mapping tools. You can plan out you routes as well as recording training data such as pace, speed, calories, time, distance and elevation using your Iphone.

One of the main differences to the Nike+ app is that you can track your friends when they are out running and can also take photos on route and upload these when you return with a handy Geo Tag so you can find your sweet spots again!

Bupa’s Smart Runner

Bupa offers a great array of free and paid for Iphone Apps that cover a range of important services. The best by far for runners is the Smart Runner app which is not only free but has some great functionality.

You can set up an advanced run such as a sprint session or intervals session at the click of a button and can also record any health injuries that you may pick up in the course of your training.

You can also locate your nearest physio and can also ask Bupa health experts a direct question via their Facebook page. Not bad for a free App

So there you have three top Iphone Apps for runners. All offer great functionality in terms of being able to record and track your jogging but each has a slightly different twist, one motivational, one social and one health focused. Chose wisely and you will never need another running app ever again!

This article was written by Ross the triathlete from the running blog

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