Guidelines to Opt Best PDF Password Recovery Software


 Have you ever encountered a situation in which you are unable to open a novel which you have downloaded after a long search as it is password protected? Or are you facing problem to get the print out of the thesis of your graduation? Well, all this happens because the PDF file which you are trying to open or print is either password protected or has restrictions at owner’s level. To ensure the security of their precious PDF document, people generally protect them with passwords or sometimes they apply owner’s password to them which protects them from being edited, printed, or copied. However, to handle such situation, you are required to opt forPDF password recovery software.

Guidelines to Opt Best PDF Password Recovery Software

There is a vast array of tools to recover the password of PDF file available online but the question is which one is most suitable and reliable? To resolve this query, we are providing certain guidelines which may help you to opt for the efficient PDF password recovery software:

  • Opt for the software which is compatible with your system.

  • The tool should be easy to use thus we can say that the software should have simple user interface.

  • With recovering the password applied to open the PDF file the software should also have feature to reset owner’s password.

  • The software should also provide the option of masking and character set building option so that the password can be recovered in lesser time.

  • The software should support the Adobe Acrobat reader version used in your computer.

  • The software should decrypt all the encryption levels applied to PDF file.

Thus, keep the above mentioned points in mind and get the best software out of the bunch of the tools. One of the most powerful and authentic software to recover PDF password is Stellar Phoenix PDF Password Recovery software. This software has very intuitive user interface and simple password recovery procedure that does not require assistance of an expert or prior training of the software to perform the recovery all by self. Additionally, the software has various options to narrow down the password search time and supports Adobe Acrobat versions 2.0 – to 9.0. In the end the software has all the above mentioned characteristics and also generates the detailed Log Report of entire password recovery process.

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