Steve Jobs Lashes on iPad rivals


Steve Jobs lashes on iPad rivals

Steve Jobs, CEO Apple phones criticized other competitive manufacturer services like Samsung, Android and Black berry. He made such open remarks at a conference with analysts. He also tried to describe why Apple’s mobile phones are better and still remains the leader in the mobile phone market. He expressed his view that Android Operating System is not suited for current cellular phones.

The sales figure statistics indicated that around 4.2 million Apple phones have been sold in the market. In the month of January Jobs previewed their phone and it was launched in April. In his opinion, the competitors were grazing to find fault with them. Samsung which launched its Galaxy Tab and RIM with its Black Berry are the hottest competitors for Apple but their mobiles are scheduled to hit the market only next year, creating enough room for the development of Apple’s iPad.

Steve argued on the issue of the size of the phones and he opined that the 7 inch tablet is not the best piece. Indirectly he meant to criticize the Play Book and Galaxy Tab which were both sized 7 inches. He also said that iPad’s 10 inch size is far better than their competitors.

With regard to the operating system Android, in Job’s view is not suited for Apple mobile phones. Already LG and Google have raised their opinion in similar tone. Jobs have clearly indicated again that the present version of Android is not optimum for mobiles. Google has told that Android 2.2 is not customized for big sized screens and the industry has to be patient for another year when tablet with large sized screens would be released. Galaxy Tablet by Samsung need not bother about this since it has designed its phone with 7 inch screen suitable for running Android market apps in it.

The developers of Apps are not ready to give it for Android. Hence, Samsung for its Galaxy Tab has initiated new apps since no apps among the list of 90,000 is suited for running in 7 inch screen. Steve Jobs exhibited the fact that more than 35,000 applications for iPad are currently available in the Application Store. However, Android mobiles have yet to begin their score only next year, it is not surprising to note that no apps are ready to go for Android. He also said in the beginning iPad also faced with the same problem. Owing to its huge developers, and in very few months, Apple somehow managed to gain 35,000 applications. Android is lagging behind in gaining smart phone apps.

Now almost you are tired having waited so long to know the prices of these smart phones manufactured by RIM and Samsung. No body has a slightest hint about its pricing. Like all other common man, Jobs also want to know why the competitors have not disclosed the price of their phones so far. In his view, Apple’s competitors cannot price their tablets equal to iPad since their mobiles are equipped with smaller sizes and cheaper screens than Apple.

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