Stay Ahead of the Curve: 6 “Must Have” Gadgets That Will Be Crazy Popular in 2015


2015 is ushering in many firsts in the technology arena. Gadgets are expected to become more intuitive, integrate better with existing technology, and make the task of managing your life and schedules easier. Whether you want to better manage your time, improve your sleep, increase your fitness level, or make travel more comfortable, there is a gadget out there waiting to supplement and augment your lifestyle. According to the University of Southern California, many Americans that use gadgets do so because they perceive that technology allows them to do more in less time. If you are a gadget-freak that needs to stay on top of the latest devices, take a look at the technology that will be crazy popular in 2015:


Virtual Keyboards

If you get sick of putting on your reading glasses to send a text, or fumbling with tiny keys on your smartphone as you search the Internet, you’ll gladly welcome the virtual keyboard. A laser-generated keyboard can be projected onto any flat surface—giving you an instant keyboard anytime, anywhere. You can use virtual keyboards with any smartphone or tablet, as long as you have a Bluetooth projector device that has virtual keyboard capabilities. Whether you like to catch up on emails at the kitchen table, or you are tired of auto correct getting the best of your giant thumbs, the virtual keyboard will be your lifesaver in 2015.


Livescribe Echo Smartpen

James Bond would be proud of the Livescribe Echo Smartpen. This pen allows you to interact with your mobile devices, but it also provides the ability to record up to 800 hours of audio. Using the pen’s software, you can easily transfer your audio to your computer or tablet. With an OLED display, you can also navigate through smartpen apps and manage your collection. The gadget works with Apple products, Android and computer systems. It’s completely portable and can be recharged by using a Micro-USB connector. The pen makes it easier to digitally sign documents, sketch notes and work with software that requires the use of a digital pen.



The Kube combines the best of both worlds—cold drinks and tunes all within one simple package. This gadget combines both a cooler and speaker system that allows you to conserve space while serving a vital cooling function for your favorite drinks. Use this gadget for tailgating, camping or a trip to the beach. The Kube comes with two handles to make carrying your drinks easier, and the portable design makes it easy to keep your music and beverages within close reach. The high-density speaker system provides booming bass and delicate treble, so that your music is played clearly and pristinely.


Misfit Swarovski Shine

This fitness tracker is a watch that allows you to better manage your fitness goals. Its unique design uses crystals to power the device, so you never have to worry about replacing the battery. So, why do you need a solar-powered activity tracker? If you’ve ever used an activity tracker, you know one of the limitations is how often it needs charging. The crystals in the watch keep it powered on, while continuing to track your activities. This attractive piece can double as a piece of jewelry as well. Tracking your steps has never been so easy, or looked so good.


The Pacifi-I

If you’ve ever tried to take a baby’s temperature, you know it’s not the easiest experience. The Pacifi-I is a pacifier that also measures your baby’s temperature. This little gadget makes managing your child’s health more convenient, and you won’t need to think twice about getting out the thermometer to check your baby’s temperature. It does more than take temperatures though, it can also be set up with reminders to administer medication, take temperature, or locate the pacifier if it gets lost. This is a must-have gadget for any parent that wants to optimally track the health of their child. The included app stores data, and can provide useful information for doctors as well.


The Petcube

Ever wanted to communicate with your pets while you’re away from home? The Petcube allows you to do just that. This gadget is a monitoring camera that allows you to stream an image to your phone. You can then communicate with your animals, and help to give both you and your pet peace of mind while you’re away. This device came out of a Kickstarter campaign, and became extremely popular in the first part of 2015. The device can also double as a security camera, and allow you to gain better control over who enters and leaves your home when you’re not around. The camera also comes with a built-in laser, so that you can play with your pets when you’re not around. This is perfect for animals that tend to get bored and cause mischief while you’re away. The wide-angle lens lets you monitor an entire room for better control.


As technology continues to improve, you expect to see increasingly intuitive gadgets that anticipate your needs, and help you find information you need. If you are a gadget guru that needs all the latest technology, make sure to stay ahead of the curve, and updated on the most popular tech trends. Gadgets will continue to improve our understanding of the world, ability to access information and make it easier to get more done.

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