Opera Mobile Browser For Android Smartphones next month


Opera Software, the famous internet browser and competitor with the likes of Internet Explorer and Firefox is planning to release its new mobile web browser. The Norwegian company on Wednesday released a blog post in which they said that Opera software will release yet another mobile version of its internet browser for the booming Google’s Android based Smartphones within the time span of a month.

According to the blog post, Opera Mobile Browser for the Android powered phones will contain and offer a lighting fast browser experience by using hardware features. The new browser will employ features likes capacitive sensors on the Smartphones to include pinch-to-zoom feature and the latest browser will also incorporate hardware acceleration. The existing versions of this Opera browser and its other variant that is Mini Browser has two discrete levels of zooms; one for zooming in to read the text clearly and the other one for a full page wise width. According to Opera, the new pinch to zoom feature will allow zoom from page-width down to the full zoom on the text that you want to focus on in one-fluid seamless motion.

The latest version of Mobile Opera browser will be available for all the versions of Android software. At present, for all the Android based phones, Opera is offering a Mini Opera browser which receives and sends Web traffic and data through all the dedicated Opera servers, compress the data and then forward it to all the concerned phones and Smartphones.

The result of all this sending the data to Opera browser results in less data sent to the phone and in this situation the browser is unable to show the streaming videos in a considerable quality. The Mobile version of Opera works somewhat like traditional browser and does all this processing prone process on the phone itself. So, according to Opera spokesperson these schematics in Mobile browser results in an amazing performance as far as Java Script applications are concerned.

It seems that a mobile battle is heating up for the Android based Smartphones and all the developers are racing to launch their versions of the software for this Google mobile software. In the last week, Mozilla released a beta version of its browser called as FireFox 4 of the Android phones. So, Opera Mobile and Firefox have joined the battle groups and are in a tug war for the market share.

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