How to Make Your Kid’s Smartphone Battery Last Longer


How to Make Your Kids Smartphone Battery Life Last LongerIf you have school-aged kids, you have probably been told multiple times that their phone battery died, hence why they never responded to your texts or calls. It seems that kids and business professionals have one sure thing in common: they are always on their phone. Trying to get your kids to stop playing Angry Birds in the middle of the day or to try to go 20 minutes without checking Facebook is like asking for a miracle—you’ll be hard-pressed to get either one. According to statistics for teen cell phone users, 75 percent of children aged 12-17 own cell phones, and the number of kids who upgrade to smartphones is exploding at high rates.  The demand for battery preservation technology is huge. So what more can a parent do to preserve their son or daughter’s cell phone battery life?

The solution

What your child needs is a smartphone with the Snapdragon processor. Any Android phone purchased in North America or the European Union should have one. Then you will need to download the best battery saver app on the market—the Snapdragon BatteryGuru. This app is designed to work with the processor to extend a phone’s battery life to amazing levels of efficiency.

It gets to know the real you

The way this app works revolves around its cognitive prowess. After downloading this app simply give it a week to learn the user’s usage patterns, and it self optimizes the phone to automatically shut down features that aren’t utilized at certain times of the day. The BatteryGuru knows when the user wakes up in the morning and checks Facebook, when the user is in class so it can shut down certain apps and wifi, and knows when to turn on the applications used during lunch time and recess.

Smartphones are great learning tools

Many kids have smartphones. There are even schoolchildren from low socio economic households that don’t own computers, but they do have smartphones that can be used to gather information for homework. Educators are beginning to see the importance of using smartphones in school as educational tools. Considering the fact that a Google smartphone is a hand-held search engine for kids in the classroom, and a plaything during recess, the need for technology that improves cell phone battery life is higher than ever.

How well does it really work?

You might be thinking that this app sounds too good to be true. And when you discover that its price tag boasts a big fat zero you may be even more inclined to raise an eyebrow in disbelief. Simply go to the Google Play store, type in the name of the app, and check the non-biased user ratings left by people just like you. You can even read detailed reviews to learn what most people love about this app.

Improve communication with your kids

It’s sad but true: technology has spoiled the younger generations and kids don’t communicate with their parents the way we did with ours. Texting and Facebook have taken center stage over conversations at the dinner table. Try asking your son what he learned in History class when he comes home from school and you’ll be lucky to get a straight answer. But try texting them the question and you are more likely to get some semblance of a direct answer. By no means should a smartphone replace a good face-to-face conversation with your child, but they do help communicate and facilitate ways to open doors for actual conversations.

Be sensible

By downloading a free app that extends a cell phone’s battery life, you are extending your child’s ability to learn and communicate. Give it a shot. You have nothing to lose.

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