Apple iPad to be available on Walmart Shopping Stores


After the mega success of Apple’s popular Tablet device iPad, it seems that the Cupertino based Tech Giant is targeting the Holidays gift market for the sale of its device. With the display of this iDevice in stores across the US at Target and BestBuy, Apple is aiming for other super stores as well.

On Monday, Walmart confirmed that now they are going to sell Apple’s Tablet device at its stores across the country. Almost all of the tech sites have been floating the rumors that Walmart is planning to launch iPad on its stores and these rumors are confirmed by this Walmart announcement.

Walmart will be selling iPads, starting from October 15 and will follow a schedule that will put Apple’s Tablet Device iPad on shelves across 2,300 Walmart stores by almost mid of November, an ideal time for Holiday gift buyers to get their hands on these devices. So, adding up the stores where Apple lovers can buy iPads, we get huge numbers; 221 U.S. Apple stores are offering iPad, 1,743 Target Stores, 1,093 Best Buy stores, so summing those up we have a total of 5,300 numbers of stores in America alone that are offering iPads.

The iDevice can also be ordered through the online store Amazon, though they have put the price tag pretty high as compared to the normal list price. They are also being sold through third party vendors and these vendors are charging almost $75 to $88 more than the normal price on stores.

Well, amazingly Apple Inc. has never been so quick in action as far as launching the products on retail stores is considered. Apple’s Smartphone, iPhone was only available on Walmart a year after the official launch of the phone, and the same story goes for the iPod that even took longer than iPhone to come on shelves of retail stores.

It is pretty much evident that Apple is feeling pressure from other tech giants out there, mainly from Google Inc. Google’s Android powered systems have been a running success in the industry and their ready availability has further put pressure on Apple.

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