Printer with High Quality: Canon’s MP 280


Printer with High Quality - Canons MP 280

Canon has released its superior model ink jet printer at fairly reasonable price of $69.99 in the name of MP 280 Pixma. It is the most suitable printer for home business and small office where the total number of copies taken will be comparatively less. Although this model is less expensive and can be set up easily even at home, this lacks some essential features one would expect in an ink jet printer. It does not provide internet connectivity by wireless mode, and it does not have document feeder.

Although it looks very small which can be pushed into any available space at home or office, it is strong in its function and gives an extraordinary output. When turned into fast mode the printer produces some noise while it pulls the paper and while ejecting them, but is acceptable. The quiet mode feature listed in its software seems not working at all. All the buttons can be located without much difficulty and all its functions are easy to perform except changing of cartridges.

The printer has two colour cartridges, one is black in colour and the other is tri coloured. One disadvantage in using this printer is you have to spend high amount on cartridge even if one colour is exhausted first. The model is equipped with USB socket to set up computer connection but you should be ready to spend for it separately.

The entire set up process is very easy and can be done by anyone in this wireless model printer. You don’t require a LCD screen for setting up process. It involves three steps for correcting or altering the photos of the printer matter. Step 1 allows you to correct or magnify the images. Making use of the image editing feature you can make alterations in the picture. Using the manual mode it is possible to make lot of changes in the printer’s clarity, brightness and many more. Thus by making use of manual mode you can do spot changes for the images following three steps correction.

The control panel of the printer is located on the right hand side. This Pixma functions above ordinary photo printer and it allows you to make suitable correction and alteration of individual frame pictures from digital camera using the High Definition Movie Print.

When it was tested for speed in printing, the results proved to be inconsistent. Sometimes it works faster than other printer with similar features and on some occasions it is slow. The speed also varies in accordance with the mode used for printing images. Again the printer is capable of scanning images at faster rate but it takes sufficient time for copying.

The printer MP 280 is far superior in giving excellent output. The quality is above ordinary even if graphics and text documents were printer together on the same paper. On the flip side, the printer does not support document feeder and wireless connection. If you are ready to spend some extra dollars both the features can be accessed in MX 340 printer.

The Pixma is not suitable for office which demands lot of printing works with pictures since you should invest more money on buying consumables for this printer. And this is also not suitable for home business which demands multi pages printing and scanning or faxing. MP 280 is ideal if you are going to use it with your computer only for correction and printing.

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