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November 2010, Electronic Arts Inc., the makers of the original renowned game Need for Speed, has yet again brought another extreme addition to the Need for Speed sequel: Need for Speed Hot Pursuit. The 383 MB 1.0.3 version for iPhones and iPod touch is an arcade thrill that’s available for download at the App Store for a price of $4.99. Though the price may seem higher than that of other gaming applications, but the Need for Speed line of games has always been proved to be worth its cost.

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit pretty much follows the same game play as its predecessors. It takes the player down to the streets in some of the latest and hottest cars, aiming to take down as many illegal racers as they can. The game completely zeroes in on the all too famous high-speed villain-and-police chase, and players will get to do so with the thrill of having little regard for SOP. That singular experience will lead the player into unlocking a garage full of expensive sports cars that have been illegally converted into cruisers by the police. Various car models such as the Bugatti Veyron, Chevrolet Corvette, Dodge Viper SRT 10 and the Ford GT are only some of the ones players can unlock once they save up enough bounty (cash) which they win through winning events.

There are 24 events in total, but there are only four main categories. Event types the players can choose from are as follow: Interceptor involves battling against one enemy car and beating it through wrecking it; Tough Justice is much like Interceptor, only that it involves wrecking as many illegal racers as possible; in Power Struggle, the player races against cops to see who will get to the finish line first; and in Rapid Response, the player races against other in a time trial, earning additional bounty if he gets to the finish line ahead of others before the time is over. Aside from events, the player may also choose to earn extra bounty through the completion of missions.

As the player’s rank increases, his garage will contain better and better models. To achieve higher ranks faster, he will have to bust more illegal mobsters and earn more bounty using his weapons. These include EMPs, roadblocks and spike strips, which the player will have to use to his advantage together with his own skill and tact, in order to win. If he is able to master all these, the player will get a fair chance at getting ranked with all three stars.

However, there are admittedly some drawbacks to Need for Speed Hot Pursuit. For one, the handbrake option somewhat proves to be of little purpose. Also, everything has to be done local since there is very limited multiplayer option. No online multiplayer mode is available, even using Wifi. Plus, the game leans more towards Retina displays and lacks the style of the previous Need for Speed Shift. But even so, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit’s formula is still just as unbeatable as ever, and with every new curb passed and set of wheels obtained, players are sure to get their dollars’ worth.

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