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The Google Penguin has struck! What should you do? Are you losing rankings? Are you unsure if your site was influenced? You need information, penguin info specifically. Where can you get it to advance your brand? There are several places. Consider the suggestions below.


To start, conduct related searches. One is not enough. Vary your queries. For instance, search for Google Penguin, penguin info, penguin update, etc. Being that the actual update was released by Google, going to the source is a great place to start. Peer into Google-produced blog posts related to the update. Furthermore, get the opinions of those in the search industry, whether practitioners or commentators from other results. Outside-Google views will help gain a broader perspective of the situation.


What are people saying about the update? What resources are being shared on the topic? Rather than conduct a search, one can investigate social platforms, searching for penguin info. Rather than articles, do any videos exist on the topic? Check YouTube. Maybe someone has made an infographic, tracing the history of the Penguin update. Check visually-centered platforms, such as Pinterest. The update was a major occurrence. People are talking about it online. Tune in.


Check off and online newspaper tech sections for news related to Google Penguin. A number of quality reporters devote time to popular trends. The recent update is one of them. Quality sources usually get direct quotes and insider information from reliable sources, making for worthy news stories. Don’t neglect the national news when it comes to online information. Many quality reporters cover the tech vertical.


Some in-industry individuals host webinars, instructing others on the topic and how to proceed with proper engine optimization. Webinars are great methods of learning, allowing viewers to not only acquire information, but to engage with others as well. Both brands and individual personalities host webinars, allowing for a variety of perspectives. How should your brand proceed in the wake of the latest update? Webinars deliver actionable tips.


It may seem obvious or so much it’s forgotten; but, word of mouth is still a reliable source of information. Do you have relations with peers in your particular industry? Ask them if their websites were influenced. Ask how they proceeded. Peers provide insight as well as their own opinions on websites, services, and resources offering penguin info. When in doubt or looking for a place to start, turn to the people you know.

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