Modern Fishing Technology Isn’t to Everyone’s Taste


The world of fishing is one in which trends move slowly and traditions are proudly stuck to throughout the generations.  However, in recent years the appearance of modern fishing technology has brought about some changes, with not all of them being welcomed by everyone. The following are examples of fishing gadgets which aren’t to everyone’s taste.

Bite Alarm

Depending upon your point of view, sitting and looking at a float on the water for signs of movement is either the best of the worst part of a fishing trip. This is either when the excitement starts to build or when the boredom kicks in. Well, one piece of modern technology which has appeared in recent years has started to change this wait. Now, instead of looking out at the water you can do something else and wait for an audible bite alarm to sound instead. It doesn’t take as much skill out of the sport as the bait boats do but it is something which changes the traditional fishing experience and that it something which many people aren’t too happy with. It isn’t as intrusive a piece of technology as the bait boat but it has made its presence felt and gained some enemies along the way.

modern Fisting tech

Underwater DVDs

The final of the types of modern technology to look at here is that which comes in the form of DVDs showing the behaviour of fish when they are in the water. They are proving very popular right now and are having the interesting effect of causing more and more newcomers to the sport to act like experts early on. This is great news if you want to get up and running quickly but there are plenty of experienced fishermen who aren’t too happy to see other people come along and fish as well as them on their first attempts.

Bait Boats

The idea behind modern bait boats is very simple but it has also proved to be highly controversial. The bait is loaded onto a small boat, which is then moved out to the ideal fishing spot using remote control. The people who enjoy using them say that bait boats add a lot more fun to the sport and allow anyone who isn’t an expert to still stand a chance of landing some fish. The flip side of the coin is that there are many experienced anglers who feel that the use of these boats is a form of cheating, as it takes away the need for a number of the skills which are traditionally needed in order to land a fish. There is no doubt that these boats are becoming more popular as they become easier to buy online from a variety of sources. However, it will be interesting to see whether the negative opinion many fishermen have of them stops their growth at some point in the future or whether they become ever more popular until they become the accepted way of fishing.

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