What You Should Expect From The Best Burglar Alarms


Burglar alarms should be your first port of call when deterring would be thieves, and for improving your peace of mind about a home attack. The best burglar alarms are ones that combine basic functionality with the ability to be compatible with a larger security system within your home. Moreover, it’s important to have a burglar alarm set up to work with wireless signals and remote access, as well as one that provides customization, 24 hour support, and physical durability. Demanding these features from your burglar alarms is essential to securing your apartment or house from invaders and threats.

1 – Basic Functionality and Compatibility
A burglar alarm should always be wired up to work with an internal security panel, which can be easily configured to prevent unnecessary alarms from being set out. No matter what the original cost, a burglar alarm should be regularly maintained to ensure that all wiring and signals are intact. At the same time, it’s become increasingly vital for burglar alarms to be compatible with a larger security system. This might mean that an alarm provides motion detection alongside connections to glass breakage and fire intrusion, as well as connections to smaller alarms within a property.

2 – Wireless Options
Some of the best burglar alarms now depend on a wireless enabled system. In this context, easily cut wiring is replaced by a wireless signal that can be used to access and configure a security system remotely. The benefit of this approach is that burglar alarms are not as easily taken out, and can be accessed by smartphones and laptops even when you are away from home.

3 – Customization
Not all burglar alarms will be ideal for your particular apartment and property. Sensors might be too sensitive for people passing in a corridor or on an outside balcony. You also need to check whether a specialized burglar alarm will be compatible with a general security system in your building, and whether you are allowed to set up additional measures. Moreover, it’s important to think through whether a more advanced alarm is best for an apartment on the ground floor of a building, or in an area with a high crime rate.

4 – 24 Hour Support
Having 24 hour support in place for your burglar alarm is a must, and should be configured so that you can either relay a message via a telephone system, or through a wireless report. Local security centres should be able to respond in minutes to your signal, and should be able to provide detailed risk assessments in the event of an actual break in. Most systems now offer 24 hour support as a given, but make sure that you check in advance of a purchase.

5 – Durability
The best burglar alarms and security systems should work as well regardless of weather conditions. Heavy rain and electrical storms should be factored into the system, and backups should be installed as part of the setup of a burglar alarm and interior security system. You should also make sure that a burglar alarm has a regular maintenance record, and can be repaired as quickly as possible if it does start so show signs of wear and tear.

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