Microsoft Releasing a Patch to Fix 49 Holes in Windows and IE


The software giant Microsoft will release a patch in which the company will fix about 49 vulnerabilities. The patch will be released on Tuesday next week and will also involve a total of 16 security bulletins that are affecting Internet Explorer, Windows, and .Net Framework. Out of these 16 bulletins, four of them contain a rating of “Critical”, a total of 10 are rated “Important”, and 2 are rated “Moderate” as per the statement issued by the advisory. These bulletins specifically affect Windows Vista, Windows XP, Microsoft Office XP, Office XP service Pack 3, Office 2007 Service pack 2, Office 2004 and 2008 for Mac, Share Point Server 2007 and Office Apps of Web.

Microsoft has not pointed out that if they are going to issue a patch for 2 of un-patched Windows vulnerabilities that are being manipulated by the latest Stuxnet Worm. The patch being issued by Microsoft is called as Patch Tuesday; this is going to be the largest number of vulnerabilities that are being fixed in one patch. Previously, maximum 34 holes were fixed in a patch which was issued in the month of August.

Microsoft is also planning to launch a new way to fix the patches and vulnerabilities in Microsoft software programs. Moreover, earlier in the week, the software giant Microsoft released a paper, PDF written by Corporate Vice President for the company’s Trustworthy Computing in which he has proposed that internet should be used to apply public health models.

He suggests that computers should be given a “Health Certificates’ sort indicating that whether they have latest software patches, Anti-virus software, firewalls and moreover they are free of malware. A company like Comcast has already introduced the software that predicts the software versions and anticipates the requirements to remove a malware.

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