Limited but Still Useful Baby Explorer for iPad


Limited but Still Useful Baby Explorer for iPad

Although you may not be at the stage of your life where entertaining babies is something you need to consider, the majority of people will know that, no matter how expensive and elaborate a plaything you’ve bought for ta child and dutifully handed over, they will want whatever mundane object you have in your hands instead.  A toy phone will never, in their eyes, be any kind of substitute for the real one in your hand, and there is no baby version for of the iPad for you to hand over if their eyes happen to fall on yours.  This is where the Baby Explorer for iPad comes in.  It is an application that has been designed to meet the developmental needs of children aged 3 months and older, and it’s stimulating sound effects; exciting images; and bright, attention getting colors will fascinate the little one it’s been aimed and will definitely keep them occupied.

This application allows you to transform your iPad into an easily and conveniently transportable entertainment center that offers activities to keep your child amused, and, because of the touch screen, there aren’t any moving parts that you need to worry about whilst keeping baby happy with a variety of activities.  It comes with sound enabled, as well as items your child can manipulate and put into motion, and offers various modes for them to make use of as well.

Although this application delivers everything it promises to, consumers may be a little disappointed with what is offered for the price of $2.99.  Because the activities are electronic, it is not unreasonable to be slightly disappointed with the relatively limited amount on offer, and, since children bore very quickly, they may not make significant use of it.  Granted, individuals may not wish to surrender their iPads for extended periods of time anyway, and the feature set is not insignificant.  It definitely provides for quick distraction when that’s what’s needed, and there is most certainly opportunity for motor skill development while keeping the child engaged.

Hopefully the developer continues with regular updates, since even minor ones will change the app completely for those making extensive use of it.  It’s a very good idea for those travelling long distances without the space necessary for toys to keep their children occupied, and, for those without children of their own, it might come in handy when next you’re faced with, or seated next to, a bored infant.

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