LED Flashlights For the iPhone 4


LED Flashlights For the iPhone 4One great way for application developers to make a quick buck is to turn the iPhone 4‘s camera lights into a great little flashlight (anyone could do it that’s why there are so many choices for this app out there). At some point, Apple didn’t like its product being used for this purpose. It wasn’t what the camera light was made for. There is also that extra drainage of battery that comes with the use of the camera light as a flashlight so make sure to have some handy in case you go out. Apple made sure as long as there was a warning for this, it should be allowable just this once…. or twice…. It doesn’t take a genius to know that even without the application, you can easily rig your camera light to work as a flashlight without the app all on your own just by following a few easy steps. So the question on my mind is: What is the point of buying this thing if you can makeshift your own? Well, for one, it has a lot more features packed in than you think.

Out Of Three

There were three flashlight apps that I got to test and one of them was the Light-O-Matic app. This one rose above the rest of the apps and I really grew a kind of fondness for the application. It even has a super cool strobe feature on it. Doesn’t anyone nowadays even remember morse code (besides Grandpa) anymore? Well, this application will transform words that you type in into their “flashlight” version of morse code. Of course, no one is going to understand the morse code flashes if your really in trouble, but it beats having nothing. It is an iPad, after all and you could just use THAT to email or just call someone for help. The two additions that were made this specific application just made the other ones seem so boring compared to all its really cool features. I loved the creative aspect of it all!

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