Latest Applications For Your IPhone


At the present time there are many new free applications are available for iPhone. Some top new applications for your iPhone are given below:



Skype is a great application for voice calls; however it is not good while you want to contact with someone who has no well-matched Mac or iOS device. It means that Skype is only effective to its compatible phone. The iPhone comes with it free of price.


The iPhone support the Tone-Pad option. Notepad uses grid based interface that allows in tune note on as well as off to create pleasing and harmonious.


The most extensively used software for societal network in the world is Facebook. The iPhone comes with this application to allow you to share as well as chat with your friend. Also you can search new friends here easily.

Run Keeper:

The latest Run Keeper has included all features in one free application. This meaning that you are not need to use any cash to employ iPhone GPS capabilities for tracking jogging and cycling routes.

Drop box:

There are lots of applications for transferring text from your computer to other device, but Drop-box is free as well as simple to utilize. You can dump file to sync and them in folder on computer and Drop-box will permit you to simply download, access them as well as view them offline.


The RSS has been well known for employing dry technology. The function of Pulse application is to flip RSS for provision of stream of feeds that catch eye with photos.


The officially obtained Twitter applications have some lack features for example Tweetbot, though it provides an easy as well as incredible way of making employ of service. In addition, it honestly mirrors all present systems of navigating Twitter website. The iPhone comes with application that is freely installed.


It looks awkward utilizing comics on iPad, but utilizing it on iPhone gives you finest experience ever. The application comes with freely installed on iPhone with lots of downloadable comics. Though, you may buy more while you are fed-up with free ones.


By your iPhone now you can obtain million of definitions of antonyms, words and synonyms. The free off-line dictionary is extremely fast as well as competent including phonetic plus audio word’s pronunciation. In addition, it is installed well on your iPhone device.


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