iPad Tablet Revisited


Many critics initially dismissed the iPad as little more than an iPod touch with a larger screen. However, opinions changed once the device started shipping. It quickly became obvious that the iPad was a special device that had the potential to change the world of computing forever.

Apple has iterated on and improved the iPad in virtually every single way since the release of the original iPad model in 2010, even producing a smaller, lighter model known as the iPad Mini.

This article will explain what iPad tablets can be used for, the main differences between the two iPad models, and why Currys is one of the best places to buy an iPad.


iPad features

iPads are, essentially, computers in tablet form. They are, lightweight, portable, and equipped with large touch screens that display information while also acting as input devices. iPads also run Apple’s famed ‘IOS’ operating system, a special operating system designed to be intuitive and easy to use, even for novice users.

Out of the box, the iPad comes with a number of useful applications. The ‘Safari’ web browser app provides access to the internet, the ‘Mail’ app provides access to email, and the ‘Youtube’ app provides easy access to Youtube. A number of other apps also included, including a ‘Maps’ app, a ‘Camera’ app and a video chat app called ‘Facetime’.

The iPad is also able to access the Apple App Store, an online store filled with hundreds of thousands of apps capable of extending the functionality of an iPad: games, productivity apps, books, magazines, and more can all be downloaded and installed in seconds.

Differences between the ‘New iPad’ and the ‘iPad Mini’

Growing public desire for smaller tablets saw Apple release a smaller iPad dubbed the ‘iPad Mini’ in October, 2012.

The iPad Mini packs a 7.9” screen that is considerably smaller than the 9.7” screen found on the ‘New iPad’. As a result, the iPad Mini is lighter and easier to transport than its larger brethren.

The New iPad makes up for its larger size and heavier weight with a higher resolution ‘Retina’ screen capable of displaying crisper text and higher quality images than the screen found on the iPad Mini. The New iPad also contains more powerful internal components that are better at running games and apps, too.

Both iPad tablets are incredible devices that are best suited for different types of users. Prospective buyers looking to purchase a lightweight, portable device would be better suited with an iPad Mini while users looking to purchase a larger tablet with a higher quality screen would be advised to buy a New iPad.


The iPad has been a game changer. The device is already outselling the numbers of PCs and laptops being sold every day, thus proving that tablets are the future of computing.

Both the iPad Mini and the New iPad are well built, well designed and powerful devices: they are a perfect buy for users looking to purchase a flexible tablet capable of accessing the internet, playing games, checking email, watching videos, and much, much more.

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