How Your Smartphone Can Help You Get Through Long Lines


Long lines are awful; it doesn’t matter whether you’re waiting at the bank, buying groceries or creeping closer to security at the airport. Rather than waste valuable time, entertain yourself with your smartphone. There are various ways to do so, from fun activities to time-saving ones.

Making Your List (and Checking It Twice)

When you’re in line, especially if you’re at a department or grocery store, it’s a great time to take stock. If there’s a holiday, birthday or anniversary, start planning. In the very least, take a look around you and start putting together a list of gifts, foods and decorations. The items you need are fresh in your mind so you’re in the perfect position to make a list. That way, your time in line is well spent.


Getting Lost in Social Media

Smart mobile device management does not only mean keeping your mobile business data secure when you’re out of the office. It also means never being bored. If you’re in a particularly long line, check your social media sites. Keep up with Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, or update your résumé on LinkedIn. Odds are you spend lots of time on these activities when you’re sitting at home, right? By doing it while you’re waiting around in line, you’re actually freeing up lots of time at home. Once you get there, spend your time doing something else instead, since you’re already caught up on the latest news.

Texting Time with Friends

Who doesn’t love chatting with friends? Waiting in line is a convenient time to start shooting out texts. In addition to passing the time, you can also do something nice. Make it a point to see if your family members or friends need anything while you’re running errands. If you find out someone you love is having a bad day, surprise them with a sweet little tidbit that will make your special someone smile.

Getting an App for That

There are so many apps, there’s easily one for everything. Get an online banking app and balance your accounts while you’re waiting to pay for groceries. Find a game you enjoy playing and boot it up as you wait to reach the head of the line. Discover an app that lets you play your favorite music and rock out as you pass the time. If you choose to play a game or listen to music, just make sure you use your headphones so no one else is bothered.

Avoiding Lines Altogether

Who says you need to wait in line at all? With banking apps, there’s no need to go to the bank. If you’re shopping, why not let your smartphone do its job and simply shop online? You might even save money by shopping on the Web instead of heading to a crowded store. There are even apps and programs that allow you to buy items locally, including food and groceries. You don’t even have to leave the house.

Smartphones make life easier. There’s nothing worse than waiting in an endless line, so next time use your phone to keep you entertained—or to keep you out of lines in the first place.

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