Why You Can’t Afford To Ignore Laptop Insurance


Acer Laptop Insurance

With car crime on the increase it is surprising that there are still those who leave their valuables in their vehicles. In 2003 a car was broken into every 22 seconds and the laptop has become the criminal’s number one target. Every 4 minutes a laptop is stolen, in the UK alone last year over 72,000 computers were taken so having the right insurance is a must.

As well as individuals, companies are also targeted. On average up to 11.65 laptops a year gets stolen from business premises and when you think how much commerce relies on these items it is easy to see why insurance is so important.

No matter what you use your pc, laptop or notebook for having it stolen it can be devastating and the information you lose through this theft can sometimes never be recovered. Anything from important work projects to valuable family photos may never be regained so it is best to get the right kind of cover.

As well as a comprehensive warranty which ensures that your laptop is picked up and repaired due to an equipment fault, Acer also offers several levels of warranty cover so you can chose the one that suits you.

Acer also offer you the chance to buy one year’s worth of theft insurance which offers you complete peace of mind should your laptop get stolen.

As well as no excess to pay and Worldwide Cover, they can promise you a like for like replacement should yours get taken and the knowledge that all repairs come with warranty so you will always know that your laptop is being looked after by the best.

Dell Laptop insurance

Accidents do happen and when it comes to your Dell laptop they can have far reaching consequences. Loss of data and months of work are no laughing matter and can mean the difference between success and failure if you run a business. As well as commercial problems, our laptops serve as a memory bank for those unforgettable moments that we don’t want to be without. Anything from family photos to videos of children’s birthdays can be stored on the hard drive so it is essential that you have a back up in the form of good insurance cover.

As well as standard theft insurance covering the loss of your unit and repairs due to a technical fault, you can also customise your new Dell laptop by adding on their Accidental Damage Service.

The Accidental Damage Service covers everything from surges and screen breaks to damage caused by liquid spills.

It also covers drops, falls and collisions which as we all know can happen all too easily as well as accidental damage. If your LCD for example gets broken then they will repair or replace the unit.

Like many policies, there are situations that are not covered such as damage caused intentionally such as fire, theft or loss and normal wear and tear and batteries are not included as these are considered the owner’s responsibility.

Given how essential it is to stay in contact with friends, family and work colleagues as well as the large amount of important information stored upon your Dell laptop, insurance is a must.

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