Outpacing The Competition With Hospital Television Systems


There are several benefits to utilizing a specialized television system inside a hospital.  For patients, this is an opportunity to increase satisfaction and help distract them from the worries of being in the hospital.  It’s also a chance to increase patient education that will decrease readmissions and increase reinforcement of patient understanding of provider instructions.  For the staff in the hospital a hospital television system allows for higher staff efficiency and a chance to gain a competitive advantage over other healthcare facilities.

By providing healthcare related television in a streamlined customizable format, hospital television systems can help you bridge the gap between your patients and their providers.  With condition-specific content, the television can aid your patients and their families during hospital stays even when their providers cannot be in the room with them.  With useful post-care and discharge information available, the television in your patient roomscan become an integral part of your healthcare provider’s patient education system.

1. Healthcare related content
With fully customizable content, including channels from Health &Sciences Television Network (HSTN) Staff Education, Medcalm, C.A.R.E. and Wired MD, televisions in a hospital setting do much more than just entertain patients and their families during stressful times.  A great tool to help reinforce provider instructions, inform patients and increase communication between healthcare givers and patients, hospital televisions provide a multi-lingual information exchange solution.

2. Custom information
By offering customizable solutions to deliver information that is specific to your patient and their condition, hospital television offers you the ability to go beyond the amount of education patients receive from healthcare providers.  With detailed patient specific digital content, televisions in hospitals help reinforce healthcare provider instructions and provide a library of information for patient education.  By providing you with the ability for patients and caregivers to communicate in real-time, televisions in hospitals do much more than just entertain.

3. Hospital specific equipment
Televisions utilized in hospital settings can require options that are not usually including with TVs made for home use.  These televisions are usually hospital grade, UL-listed and typically include wall mounts.  Other content options for hospital TVs incorporate radio and video on demand for education as well as entertainment.  Many systems also include internet access for communication, education and to allow access for patients to check email.  Additional options that are specific to hospital television systems include, pillow speakers, wired remotes with panic buttons and content control from staff stations outside patient rooms.

4. Immediate Communication
Hospital television systems also offer interactive patient communication and touch-screen capabilities.  Combining these options with the other television options helps create an in-depth patient experience and offers increased efficiency for caregivers.  Options for entertainment including games, relaxation and spiritual videos provide patients with familiar ways to deal with the anxiety and stress of their stay.  By providing entertainment and familiar content, hospital televisions help you and healthcare providers reduce the tension levels of patients allowing them to focus more on the information from the provider and specific instructions.

Using UL-listed, healthcare facility grade televisions and options like ceiling or wall mounting, televisions can be used in most any healthcare facility.  When you combine hospital specific equipment with customizable healthcare related information and entertainment content, your facilities can offer patient specific options throughout the location.  Hospital Television systems also offer competitive advantages for hospitals and allow increases in patient satisfactions while also increasing staff efficiency.

Allyson Fitzmaurice is passionate writer who loves to write telehealth and Health care related tips. He would like to invite you to find out more guides about Hospital Grade Televisions at

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