Instagram for Android Reaches 1M Downloads in Just One Day


The much awaited launch of Instagram for Android has been such a success so much so that it reached a whole new record. In just 24 hours, there was at least one million downloads of the application and reached to even five million as the day of its release came to a close.

According to the chief of the company Kevin Systrom when he was interviewed by the New York Times, “The Android launch had been triggering 2,000 sign-ups a minute, or about three million a day. It’s not known whether those were purely Android users or if it included iOS users as well.”

For Android, having a lot of Instagram downloads triggered a milestone. This means that there was a smaller gap now in the quality of the apps and there is also a higher awareness on the current problems that they have in the development of new apps and apps for the system.

Even if there is an increasing share in the Android stocks, there are still a lot of application developers that still prefer to create their apps in the iOS platform only or as the first choice. This was mainly because there was ease of development as well as a higher willingness to provide more support for applications that require payments. These are the main factors why app developers look towards creating more apps for the iOS rather than turning to creating apps for the Android platform.

However there is another problem that Android would point out as the Instagram app was released for their platform – the original app was buried underneath clones in the app search results. This can be an unsettling problem when it comes to legitimate apps that transfer from iOS to Android. This can be something that Android would want to look over more closely in order to put more focus on the legitimate apps and put more credit in their developers.

The Android version of the Instagram app does not have its full features yet such as uploading to the Flickr website as well as tilt shift filters which can pose problems for other cameras in other types of phones.

It is also noted that the Instagram app may not run properly on tablets that have the Android operating system but the app will run quite nicely on the iOS platform. This can be another point to consider for the Android developers in the future.

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