Digital Privacy Enhanced Between Europe and United States and It Comes In Force


United Sates and Europe are two major business centers of the world having international affairs between them. Most of the transactions between these two countries are entirely on internet. There are potential threats and dangers in the digital world when two countries transfer data and information between them through online. Hackers are available everywhere and for them location does not matter as they totally rely on reliable, seamless internet connection. Just with an internet connection they can hack any computer from anywhere.

This is not an ordinary issue to omit because the international affairs and all sort of important transactions between two countries through online can be misused by the hackers who work for another country of just for money. There are certain confidential matters that should be kept very secret between two countries which may turn the situation in entire nation. To assure digital privacy the countries have designed new frame work that regulates all consumer data transfer between United States and Europe.

Digital Privacy Enhanced Between Europe and United States and It Comes In Force

Safe harbor pact was the long standing digital privacy method that allowed protects digital transfers between the countries. But due to the US surveillance the safe harbor pact was abolished and it is replaced by the new frame work that came in to effect recently. The new shield called EU-US privacy shield that assures that all the data processed from Europe are secured and they can have the rights to ask for their data and information stored in United States servers. This right is to get claim any information or data that is outdated and inaccurate.

The new shield has replaced the safe harbor agreement that is placed for 15 years of tenure prior to the European Union Court ruling that ruled the safe harbor as invalid in the year 2015. The safe harbor agreement is ruled out because they are not satisfied with digital protection given by safe harbor agreement. They take the claim that safe harbor gives no sufficient protection so there should be any other shield that can ensure proper and sufficient protection.

There is no proper protection and secrecy for the personal data of European’s so the safe harbor agreement has been declared as invalid. Since the new shield is coming in to effect the America companies can sign up with the department of commerce of United States in order to verify and assure that they agree with Privacy Shield data laws. Before this European Union has been adopted the Trans-Atlantic frame work that works between t he Europe and other countries when Austria and Slovenia were included in the EU member states. But even the Trans-Atlantic frame work is also not sufficient for protection.

The Director General of DIGITALEUROPE has congratulated both European Commission and the Department of Commerce of US for their hard work to assure higher protection. They have been working for past couple of months to bring out the best and it has really come well. The DIGITALEUROPE represents the leading companies such as Apple, Google and Sony. Privacy Shield might have added some pressure on them but in the midst of pressure they have worked their best to bring something that is worth for their hard work. Refer with this site for more details regarding Digital privacy enhanced between Europe and United States.

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