Steal Google’s Crown


Google. Who’d have thought just fifteen years ago that this oddly-named website would become the superpower of the internet? Emphasising ease of use, simplicity and integration, Google isn’t merely a search engine anymore. It’s branched out to a mobile OS’, social-network, video platform and a ubiquitous e-mail platform.

Fortunately, there are businesses which want Google’s crown and they’re pretty serious about it, too. Whether these websites manage to take Google’s crown or not, will force Google to up its game lest they lose users. This can only be a good thing. This handy infographic by Ladbrokes will help you determine which sites you would like to try out and could even tempt you to change some allegiances. While some of these sites may be new, unknown and small, they have big ambitions and with alternative and useful USPs (Unique Selling Points), who’s to say they won’t have a good shot at the crown (or at least one of its jewels)? The bigger they are…

On a serious note, let’s just see how Google copes with the next few years. Have you tried any of the 13 below? Do you use them instead of Google? If not, why not?


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