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work-at-home-jobsWhen you start out in freelancing, after applying, say, to a Freelancing Website like oDesk,, or the harder one, finding your own clients in real life (not the preferred methods for the ones of us that are quite introverted for sure), you will see heck loads of niches everywhere, from work-at-home mom jobs like data entry in excel, to software engineering jobs where all needed is some imagination and a clever mind, i will help you today finding the niche that you will be most satisfied and gain the most financial resources you need.

First, you have take into account your talents, your personality type, and your hobbies.

Where you Fit in the Whole Picture?

One of the biggest one for the burning extroverts out there would be call center jobs. Basically, you will be selling products over the phone to existing or possible customers using your social skills and persuasion tactics as good as possible. But this job would be a disaster for the very introverted ones. Even if the said cute and budding introverted freelancer has some great social skills, he won’t be able to stand the pressure and energy drain of the call center job that he applies himself in.

For the thinker, problem solver types, i will recommend programming (such as Desktop Application Development, Web Programming, SEO, Tech Article Writing, Customer Support). They will give the problem solver many fun challenges and have his superior intelligence able to become the hero of the day solving the client’s problems right away. And as we thinkers have a strong drive to become competent and excel in any area that we get in, will have great fun reading documentation, competing against others, coming up with clever fixes and improve existing systems to perform better. And our drive to automate anything that becomes repetitive enough, thinkers will be able to produce useful and stable systems that will be used for clients months and years in rows.

The Feelers, the people attentive and in tune with other people’s feelings, for them there are article writing jobs, giving out advice to others, help others in solve simple problems such as computer ones (especially the introverted feelers will have a great knowledge of computer problems), and online consulting. Their the capability of being in tune with other’s feelings and desire to help out other people will make them excel in persuading and satisfying their clients, with their polite and easing manners of speech and writing.

And to add on the site, Feelers are great at writing romantic, dramatic, or otherwise emotional content for the pleasure of the consumers of this kind of content. They will give the readers a mix of emotions like happiness, sadness, guilt, fear, excitement, having the readers go through a wild imaginary world where they will be so compelled to drive in that you will watch the feeler’s pockets start firing from the friction he puts the money in it :D. Jokes aside, i seriously appreciate these people for writing my fan fiction that i read for fun in my spare time.

The Artisan types, with their attentiveness to the outside world, and their appreciation for pure beauty and colors, will excel in UX Design, and Web Design in general, by paying attention to details, that together make a beautiful picture that compels the visitor to the website. We humans are inherently superficial from birth, so it will be no issue for the Artisan types to attract the needed attention to the client’s website, satisfying the client’s need of possible customer attention where he can lead that to closing the deal, whatever product he might sell.

The guardian types (imagine the strict boss in your office, or the woman who always reminds other people’s birthdays, and always gets people together), will enjoy doing middle management and project manager positions, ensuring that production goes well, and keep the lazy, or the slow ones in check and in speed for the continuation of good output. They will also enjoy leadership positions in packs of freelancers, commanding the respect and concentration of others into the job. Sure, you might be frustrated to have one of them in your team, but thank to them for keeping you productive and ensuring your income stays in the current, or in a higher position.

Today’s lesson is that everyone has their special location in this world, and everyone can become a freelancer using his natural talents. Not everybody fits in the same description (i.e someone can be a feeler and a thinker at the same time, 50/50, and someone be capable of paying great attention to details without forgetting the big picture from their mind.)

Let me take myself as an example. I am an introverted, critical thinker, but i have built my social skills through years, and i can throw up a party today, and be locked into the monitor reading the documentation of some API client asked for to be included in the project. I work as:

  • Customer Support Clerk
  • Web Developer  / Web Application Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Article Writer

Because i am good at writing in a structured fashion, giving out advice, thinking up systems, and planning using my imagination, i chose these as my niches. But because i am lacking a sense of beauty, i never do Web Design (though i can pull a good Web Design, adding up things i have seen around)

Most interesting combinations in teams are Artisans and Critical Thinkers. They never get along 100%, but the Web Developer builds the back-end and the front-end, the Artisan design the website beautifully, the Critical Thinker makes sure the back-end is strong and without errors, fixes up what has remained, then goes on to launch the website. And you have one of the biggest pieces of art right in your front. The idea is to collaborate and build great things together.

Continue reading! We will come with more.

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