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Health for Developers and Designers | Tips To Keep Yourselves In Shape


Everybody knows that we, Web Developers, and Designers, are not the most in tune with their health population of the modern society. Today, i will share with you guys ways to keep yourselves in shape, and keep your work machine (body) in maximum performance, to achieve godly and robotic status in your endeavors of money production. From good food, to good exercise, we will reach to some applications that will keep help you make your schedule in such a way that you will keep yourselves in good condition. Let’s go!

Developers and Designers

1 – Eating Habits

Trust me. I have been in there. And i still fall into that trap sometimes. Fetching a fast pizza, curry, or some other kind of fast food, including that delicious kebab your Arabic friend down the store makes with his magical hands, will either get you fat, or too skinny (search in Google, guy loses 50 lbs. for eating pizza 30 days straight, hilarious)

Now as we know, from our first grade (or even before that for the ones that had good parents among us)

We require these nutrients:

  • Vitamins (Different Kind of Fruits such as apples, bananas, grapefruits, red grapes)
  • Proteins (Red Meat, Chicken, Soya, Beans)
  • Calcium (All diary products (milk, cheese, parmesan, yogurt)
  • Good Kind of Fats (Fish Oil, Olive Oil, Small amounts of animal fats)

The vitamins you can get from different fruits. Apples are a great way to gain them, which whiten your teeth in the process (don’t tell me you can’t afford good food, we are IT workers for christ’s sake, we can afford almost everything). Bananas are a great way to raise your vitamin intake (and your diabetes via blood sugar count LOL). You will make both your organs and your immune system a favor by making sure you get an enough supply of vitamins day to day. I understand that starting a new habit may be hard, but in the long term, it is the good kind of hard habit.

Proteins can be gained via all kinds of meat, such as the red one, and beans. A big, delicious beef steak (if you choose to buy fast food, why not at least buy the good kind? Get yourself done one from the restaurant down the street), with a nice bean soup, will get you the protein intake that will keep you in good terms for the rest of your working day.

Calcium is a very good way to strengthen your health. It helps to strengthen your bones, as well as helps in muscle growth via strengthening your bone to muscle part where your muscles are firmly attached on to the bones.

Animal fats, in the right amount, can help your heart strength, as well as your energy intake during the day (Just don’t eat a beef steak in the morning at 6 AM, that should be considered a sin). You will feel much more energetic in the afternoon to night part of your work shift that will give you the enough boost to complete your so important project.

2 – Getting That Damn Rest

I bet each one of you, including me, who started with computers at a young age, that you had your mothers and fathers screaming at you “Get off that [insert your favorite not so clever insult here] computer and go to sleep!”, and it still holds true now, only that i will do it unto you.

Get some damn sleep! 🙂

By fixing your sleep schedule and following work hours closely, you will have the following advantages:

  • Have your friends appreciate your decisiveness and structured ways
  • Wake up much fresher, feeling like you have been brought back to life (I know this from my own experience, i would wake up at 5 AM after sleeping at 9 PM, and you could hear me saying in my room alone “Damn! I never felt so fresh in years! I feel alive again!” , if i think back, that statement was truly hilarous of me, i love my own jokes)
  • Be able to plan your day with a fresh mind (Scientific evidence is there that the mind is programmed to plan the rest of the day at the correct hour of waking up)
  • Reduce the excessive sleep hours if you are sleeping excessively and save your precious time,  or plan in such a way that you are getting enough sleep to not walk around like a zombie during the day).

3 – RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury)

From what i know, in my job, i am only using my hands and my superior, clever, all capable mind, and i must take care of these two to not risk losing one of them. My therapist can get the mind part done for me.

But for my hands, all i know is that they hurt like a little b*** after writing 30 articles, doing some Web Development, or lately, simply moving something with my hand. I have discovered this new application called Workrave, a sweet little and oppressive sheep that commands me to stop writing and rest my hands, do some weird movements in my office that attracts attention and makes them think “what the hell is wrong with this guy flailing his arms at the monitor”. Nevertheless, it has built-in exercise advices and it schedules your hand rest time so you don’t get the office worker version of the AIDS.

4 – And the last, Psychology

In Neuro Linguistic Programming they teach us that they body is connected to the mind, and vice versa. If you want to influence one positively, you can begin by bettering the another part, which is why we keep attention to performing well in both. If you keep a positive attitude, work on your self-confidence, and keep the optimism flowing, you will attract people, success, money and power in your life much more easily than say, you stood depressed all day in you room. Keep it happy and play your part, and the rest will come much easier to you once you realize that nothing is impossible, and the impossible is just an excuse for the lazy to do the hard work to reach it.

Hop on the next article for some more gems!

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