Top Robotics Training Programs


A robotics training course offers students a medium in which they can learn how robotics work and how to build them. Robotics training courses range in complexity and may be designed for beginners or advanced students. A robotics training course will teach you how to work with circuits, electromagnets, and artificial intelligence software in order to build a wide range of robotic devices. The following are several of the best robotics training course, some of which are completely free.

Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy

The Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy is a robotics solution resource and store that provides students of all kind with the information necessary to build robotic systems and the accessories required to put them together. Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy provides a robotic virtual simulator that allows students to work with robots in a virtual platform, which is available as a free download.

Stanford Free SEE Courses

The Stanford School of Engineering has made all of their robotics courses “open source” by uploading all lectures, syllabuses, handouts, assignments, exams, and software to the Internet, where it is publically acccessible for free. Stanford has done this to encourage a public interest in the robotics industry and promote the understanding of electromechanical engineering. While these free courses do not offer accreditation, students can freely learn everything about robotics that someone who is paying for the course will learn.

GoRobotics – How To Make A Robot

GoRobotics is a free online robotics training course that teaches students how robots work and how to build them using step-by-step instructions. This program can be used by anyone, even if they don’t know anything about robots, to learn about the various aspects of robotic engineering and start building their own DIY (Do It Yourself) robots. While this course offers no certification or accreditation, it does offer the knowledge necessary to build robotic systems.

Robotics For Fun

Robotics For Fun is similar to GoRobotics, but is designed for kids to get a basic understanding of how robots work. Robotics For Fun also sells a variety of robotic kits with step-by-step instructions to build simple robots. Robotics For Fun can offer an exciting way for kids to learn about electronics and develop an understanding of how electromechanical engineering works.

Udacity Artificial Intelligence Course

The Udacity Artificial Intelligence Course teaches students how to program an artificial intelligent car. Because its hosted on Udacity, the free learning platform, the course is entirely free. This course is for advanced users and requires students to already have a good understanding of the Python programming language.

Online Robotics

This robotics training course is a well reviewed distance education course run by George Brown College. This is a paid course, but has complete flexibility in terms of where you want to complete the material, which is great for the person that has a busy day job.

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