Top Five Android Apps for Hassle Free Tax Calculations


From invoicing to payroll, small business owners have a lot on their minds when they manage day-to-day operations. Making sure your taxes are correctly calculated when you’re completing invoicing and making sales. Luckily, smart phone apps make tax calculations easy, whether you’re in the office or on the go. Here are our top five Android apps for hassle free tax calculations.

1. MobileBiz – $22 – If you’re looking for an app that will help you manage your business and calculate taxes quickly and easily, MobileBiz is for you. Although the price on this app is considerably more than many small business apps on the market, MobileBiz is a feature-rich, complete Android app that easily calculates invoices for small businesses of all types. Key features include invoicing from your phone, customizable templates, multiple company support and built-in reporting. Tax calculation and planning is easy with MobileBiz – users can add specialized tax codes and various types of flexible tax setup. The app also automatically sets up tax for selected countries.

2. MyConsultant – Free – Direct sales consultants have enough to worry about without forgetting a calculator or making a mistake on an order. This app is designed for direct sales consultants who host parties to sell their products and must calculate sales tax on-the-fly. This app calculates customer orders, sets the shipping, tax and commission (and stays the same until you change it) and automatically calculates sales tax according to zip code. As an added bonus, MyConsultant lets you log your mileage, tolls and parking fees for easy record keeping.

3. Invoice2Go – $13.10 – Invoicing is the bane of many small business owner’s day, but it’s a must if you want to pay your bills and make a profit! Invoice2Go makes it easy, quick and – maybe even a little fun. The app has more than 20 built-in styles and lets you add your own logo and customize your forms. For small business owners who need efficient tax calculations, Invoice2Go calculates totals and tax  and configures currency and tax settings based on your country (currently, eight countries are supported.) Invoice2Go has been the best selling invoicing app on the iPhone for two years, and is available now on Android. A version optimized for the Android-tablet will be released soon.

4. Sales Manager – Free – For field sales agents on-the-go, organization is a must – it’s difficult to make a sale with papers, receipts and files stuffed everywhere. Sales Manager, built for Android phones and tablets, is a fast, accurate way to invoice clients, calculate shipping and sales tax based on geographic location and export data, and print via Wi-Fi. The best part about the system is it’s cloud computing data storage. Sales agents access product and customer data and upload sales data to a server on the Sales Manager website or their own company’s server. The app supports multiple users and larger numbers of customers and products without losing performance.

5. Sales Tax Calculator – Free – Need a simple calculator to determine sales tax for your products or services? Sales Tax Calculator is a no-nonsense app that saves your tax rate for multiple and subsequent entries. Just enter the product rate and it gives you a total. This app is great for quick tax calculations with minimal hassle.

J. Klein writes for sales tax courses, a website where you will find sales courses offered online. You can go to the website and learn the basics of sales and use tax.

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