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How Can A VPS Hosting Provider Benefit You Business?


When you choose a VPS hosting service provider, you can enjoy nearly all the benefits of a dedicated server at a fraction of the cost. This is because VPS hosting allows enterprises to get all features of dedicated hosting in a shared environment. In VPS hosting, a single server is compartmentalized to create multiple virtual servers. Each of these virtual servers is capable of functioning independent of the other. They can run their own operating system and install applications to benefit their business. When your site gets reasonably low traffic, there is no need to get VPS hosting in India. However, if you run a website which is likely to expand as the traffic keeps growing, it may be wise to shift or upgrade to VPS hosting. A VPS hosting service provider will help you get the additional resources like bandwidth or memory or space which your business may need for growth.

How Can A VPS Hosting Provider Benefit You Business?

What factors should you consider when hiring a VPS hosting service provider in India?

  1. Before you sign up with a VPS hosting service provider, you must decide whether you need a managed or unmanaged hosting solution. If you have a capable IT staff which can secure your virtual server, it is better to opt for unmanaged hosting as this is less costly. However, if you are not confident about the expertise and experience of your IT teams, it is better to entrust the task of buying and monitoring the servers to the host. A seasoned geek well updated with the right techniques of repairing, rebooting and shutting or restarting the servers can choose unmanaged VPS hosting.
  2. When you want to take advantage of pocket-friendly VPS hosting plans, you should ideally choose Linux VPS plans. These are cheaper compared to Windows because they do not have licensing fees as Linux is an open source operating system. However, when you run applications like ASP which operate in a Windows-only environment, you will have to settle for Windows VPS plans.
  3. When choosing a VPS hosting service provider, you should also inquire about their redundancy resources like backup resources in case of emergencies or unprecedented disasters. When regular power supplies get affected, the provider should be able to arrange for backup power generators to ensure that the site continues to function optimally. In case a server gets overloaded, there should be standby servers to share the load so that there is no downtime.
  4. Likewise, when a business needs additional resources to grow, the VPS host should be ready to offer these. This ability to deal with occasional traffic spikes is scalability which your VPS provider must be able to guarantee.
  5. When signing up for VPS hosting, you must also consider how much bandwidth you will be getting per month and what costs for additional bandwidth will be. You need to also find out about the amount of RAM that you will get and the processor capacity. The provider should also offer you high-end hardware produced by reputed hardware manufacturers.
  6. Finally, your VPS hosting service provider should be able to guarantee you round-the-clock technical assistance through live chats, emails and toll-free phone calls. You should test their response times and take advantage of hosts offering a free trial version to see whether their services are reliable or not.

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