The Advantages of the Palm Pre Cell Phone


Another bonus to this touchscreen phone is its QWERTY keyboard, which slides out similarly to other traditional phones. The design of this keyboard is similar to that of a desktop PC’s, only smaller in size. The keys are also rounded a bit, just like the phone’s edges, so pressing them won’t be quite difficult even for those with bigger hands. Even with this keyboard, the Pre maintains its sleek design that is not usually seen in other rival phones. Measuring about 100mm long when closed and at 133g, the Pre certainly packs a punch while continuing to be lightweight and easy on the pockets.

The operating system adopted by this product is the new WebOS platform, which is actually a new platform specifically developed for the Pre. It is regarded as one of the best software for smartphones, with its quick, aesthetically-good and fluid user interface. You can choose which programs you’d like to place on your personalized homepage, providing fast access to them.

There is also an area on the display where email and text notifications pop up which does not halt any apps that you may be using at that moment. Multitasking is also possible, as you can access more than one application at a time. Plus, the manner by which you can prioritize and arrange the apps is like that of shuffling and dealing a deck of cards. It’s pretty easy and practically anyone can do it with ease! Only a few hiccups were reported from this interface, most noted when at least eight programs are in use simultaneously.

However, this platform is not void of flaws. One of the major letdowns for consumers is the Palm App catalog, which offers only 12 available applications. Currently running on Beta testing, this certainly poses a grave contrast against Apple and the Android market. But if you’re not the apps type of person, then the classic downloadable programs can still be at your service. Classic, which is a MotionApp emulator, can let you use previous versions of apps from the earlier Palm series.

If you are looking to sell your Palm Pre then don’t forget to check out comparison sites, as well as the likes of eBay where you are guaranteed a fixed price when you type in sell my cell phone.

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