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Every best website designer must be aware of the fact that what is going on, on his web site. There are analytics tools that can help you improve your results. They show the trends of how traffic is going on over your web site. This way you can get results in a better and improved way. In analytical tools you have a lot of options available to choose from and they give the description of each and every traffic flow.

Google Analytics


Among many free analytical tools, Google is the leader. It can be used on any web site and without any limits. Hence many users use it, with many good reasons. It shows how much traffic you are receiving and enhance the phrase search results, tracking goals, create custom reports and how much data is available. They are easy to find and understand that how much data is accessed and what searches are made.



This is one of the most powerful tools by Google analytics. It operates according to operating systems and according to different browsers. It helps in providing statistics like page views and web search



It is an open source program provided by Google analytics. It is already working on thousands of web sites. You can use it on your own server; it is basically PHP and MYSQL program, which help you to share your data with Google.

Grape Web Statistics


Grape web statistics is also an open source program, which is currently used in beta version. It provides the number of visitors, referrals and other such statistics. It is a simple while very use full open source web option that many people uses.

Trace Watch

Trace Watch is a free statistical option, which provides real time data. You can define here your own customized data. It also provides some additional features that can help you to determine your quality navigation and some details about the specific visitors who have visited your web site. It helps to track down the exact path of the visitors. Hence, these complete free packages have wider things to offer you.



GoingUp can help in providing you very useful information. It provides the basic web features. Like it shows the trend of user profile, goals, actions, heat maps, key word density tools and much more.


It is free for that web site that offers free statistics to those web sites which receives less than 250,000 page views. When it exceeds more than that, then you have to switch to paid plans that starts from 5 dollar per month. It provides you the informant about browser analysis, entry pages, exit pages, operating systems analysis and much more you can get from it.



SmarterStats is also a Google analytical tool of and this soft ware is designed by Smarter Tools. It is well reputed for the use of enterprise edition. It allows multiple sites on a single server. It is a free version and can be easily loaded. Hence any web design firm can use these tools to enhance their traffic search and it is a very useful tool for SEO as well.

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