H4D-40 Ferrari Limited Edition Camera Launched


H4D-40Ferrari is a limited edition of Hasselblad’s latest medium format camera which celebrates the collaboration of two brand icons. Finished in Ferrari’s trademark color “rosso fuoco” and tarnishing the trademark Racing Shield, this is truly a collectors item because only 499 of these will be produced.

H4D-40 Limited Ferrari Edition Camera

Dr. Larry Hansen, the CEO and chairman of Hasselblad had said earlier this year at the unvieling, “I am proud of the company’s achievements since the introduction of the newest generation of Hasselblad cameras, the H4 series, and feel very honored to be able to celebrate our success together with such a precious brand.”

This 80mm camera boasts of a 40 mega pixel medium format sensor, HC/HCD lens and the new True Focus AF, all packed into a 35mm camera. All forms of distortions and aberrations are removed by the Hasselblad Natural Color Solution (HNCS) (uses a recognized color profile) and the digital lens correction(DAC). The latest bundled imaging software Phocus 2.0 is also integrated to it.

The Ferrari H4D-40 has its features at par with the requirements of any professional photographer. The limited edition also comes packed in  a special hand-made, glass topped case with luxurious lining, dual storage layers and the distinctive Ferrari emblem. The only catch might be the price tag which stands at €21,499 before tax.

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