Ringtone Designer Pro for iPhone – A User Review


Ringtone Designer Pro for iPhone - A User ReviewIt’s important to have the right ringtone, as it says so much about who you are. Choose the wrong ringtone, and you’ll find yourself coming across as a geek, or simply clueless. The best way to get just the right sound-bite is to make it yourself, and this is where Ringtone Designer Pro comes in. You can choose just the right song from the library on your iPod, then trim it to the exact part of the song that you want to use. The interface is easy to use and extremely intuitive, and you won’t be paying per ringtone.

You’re limited to a ring tone of 30 seconds, but that’s not really much of a drawback, as it’s not that likely that you’ll be waiting longer than that to answer your phone – nor is any caller likely to stay longer than 30 seconds on the phone, waiting for you to answer their call.

Once you’ve chosen just the right bit of song that’s perfect for you to use as your ringtone, you just save it, and you’re finished. Actually, you’re not exactly completely finished, as there’s one more step which seems rather annoying and completely unnecessary. The ringtone isn’t saved to your iPhone itself, but rather to your iTunes account, and so you’re stuck with the additional step of loading it onto your phone after syncing through iTunes. It’s irritating and a bit complicated, but you are provided with a pretty good tutorial that walks you through it step by step. And when you’ve done it once, it’s a breeze the next time.

Blackout Labs has also provided a feature for fading ringtones in and out in this feature, to give it that professional sound. Ultimately, the choice is to pay the once-off price of $199, or to carry on paying for a new ringtone every time you want to change it, at whatever the price is that you’re currently paying. And to make it even better, before buying the app you can experiment using the free version – Ringtone Designer Free. The functions are all exactly the same, but with the free version you’re limited to 20-second ringtones, and can only have two saved at a time. Once you’ve tried it out, and become familiar with it, you’ll probably want to splash out on the pro version, especially as you’ll be saving money in the long run, as well having the advantage of choosing just the right ringtone to suit your own personality.

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