Gateway ID49C13u Review


Gateway ID49C13u Review

The Gateway ID49C13u is a nice all -purpose notebook, a sort of redemption for the company that has not been doing well with its laptop designs. That is not the end of its powers as will tackle your basic computer jobs with relative ease. Its ability to deliver good results in light gaming is definately a tick in the box. The machine costs about $849, but with configuration that does not substantially affect performance you can get one at about $679, but that it a decision entirely at your discretion.

The machine is propelled by an intel dual -core i5 460M CPU that works at a speed of 2530 MHz. It uses 4 GB DDR3 memory with a speed of 1066 MHz. The machine uses a single 500 GB hard disk drive that rolls at a pedestrian speed of 5400 rpm. That speed wont earn it many friends, a speed of 7200 could have done the trick. The other storage facilities are; the memory stick, SD/MMC CARD, XD -picture and an SDHC card. The ID49C13u uses switchable integrated graphics GMA HD core i3 chipset from intel. It also ships ensuite GT 335M discreet graphics chipset from Nvidia GeForce, with a graphics memory of 1024 MB.

The machine produces excellent gaming performance. When playing Unreal Tournament 3 at medium -level, its frames per second are north of 90. Even when you up -the- ante at high -level, it still notches 70 frames per second. Those are impressive returns that cannot be matched by many in the industry.

The system aces it in video performance, even in high -end movies some laptops find hard to crack, spin seemlessly on the ID49C13u. You will certainly enjoy your movies on the 14 inch LCD display that comes with LED backlight. It uses a native 1366 by 768 pixel resolution. Gateway also provides a 1.3 megapixel webcam that masters a resolution of upto 1280 by 1024 pixels. That is not good for video, but it will treat your photos and surveillance just fine.

The keyboard is chiclet -styled, nicely spaced and aids in fast touch -typing. The trackpad on the other hand comes in a very smooth and slippery surface that can prove to be tricky for novices. There is everything to admire in the unit’s network connectivity that get its punch from 802.11n wireless, coupled with a gigabit ethernet. You will also get a healthy assortment of ports that includes: 4 USB 2, HDMI and VGA video interfaces plus 8x DVD burner.

The battery runs the clock for 4 hours 23 minutes, which when looked in light of its solid performance, is a good return. The ID49C13u’s mettle with a solid score of 106 on the WorldBench 6 Test. The machine weighs a maximum of 6 pounds when fully ensuite. It measures 13.5 inches by 9.6 inches by 1.2 inches.

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