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Demystifying WordPress Security Myths


wordpress-logo-notext-rgbJust as we strive to safeguard our assets, it is equally important to secure our WordPress blog whether you are or not a professional blogger. Your blog not only reflects your skill, aptitude and your perseverance for excellence, there are risks and chances of people stealing stuff from your blog as well. Therefore, it becomes essential for you to protect your blog and keep it secured from the hackers of the virtual world.

However, keeping your WordPress blog security is not that difficult that will require any special intervention from experts or make you spend millions of dollars. If you are really serious about your blog security, all you need to do is learn some useful tips about how to save your WordPress blog from hackers and implement your knowledge.

Here we are discussing a few of the common WordPress security myths and make an honest effort to demystify them:

Myth 1: No Enemy – No Hacking

Well, if you think that your WordPress blog can be hacked only by enemies for taking revenge, I am afraid, you are wrong. You do not require rivals or enemies to have your blog hacked; because in the recent times most of the threat perception is automated. This involves automated scripts (developed by hackers) that crawl down the web and randomly make hacking attempts on various blogs. One such infamous attack is Brute Force, which create random passwords to crack your (weak) blog password.

However, online hackers have their own priorities to hack a blog and their own list of benefits as well. In many cases, it is found that hackers take a blog for ransom and demand money to give your blog security back. There are also instances where hackers quietly hack your blog and built link with various spam websites, or may even redirect your WordPress blog’s traffic to their own site.

Myth 2: Blaming Everything on WordPress

It is common user behavior to blame the core of WordPress for not being immune to attacks from hackers, which I believe is illogical. Because, technically, the core of WordPress is secure enough. However, at the same time it also holds true that WordPress like any other technology in the world cannot be 100 percent fool-proof to hacking; and it is those security loops that catch the attention of hackers worldwide.

But the best part is that the WordPress Development Team has been efficiently detecting the prevalent security loopholes and fixing them without much delay; thereby, restricting the chances of hacking. So, it is equally important for all WordPress blog owners to regularly update their WordPress core as and when available.

Myth 3: WordPress Repository offer Safe Themes and Plugins

There is a general belief that the Plugins and Themes installed from the WordPress Repository or from distinguished vendors are safe and secure. However, considering the fact that there are thousands of programmers developing these themes and plugins; there is every possibility of security loop holes in the files.

If you check the log file of any theme or plugin, you will find how bugs are identified and fixed regularly. Therefore it is inevitable to regularly update of your themes and plugins whenever possible. Because, any callousness will result in inviting the wrath of hackers, waiting for an opportunity to use the loop holes in your site to hack it.

Myth 4: No Backups Needed After Installing Security Plugins

One of the most unsuspecting security threats one faces after installing all security Plugins in a WordPress blog is, to be 100 percent assured of not requiring any backups. As discussed earlier there cannot be a fool-proof method of blog security, thus stressing on the requirement to always go for a regular backup plan for your blog. Because, backups not only proves to be beneficial if in case your WordPress blog security is breached, but also in eventualities of server crash and files or databases getting corrupted.

You may resort to various backup plans including online backup for safe storage of your WordPress blog data and be tension-free of your site getting hacked. For, it will not require you more than a few hours to retrieve it with a proper site backup.


Here in this article we have made an attempt to highlight the myths prevalent in WordPress Blog security and have also made an endeavour to demystify them. However, we leave you with the liberty to believe them or not and also look forward to queries and recommendations on the same.

Author Bio:
Daniel is a digital marketing manager associated with a leading web design and development company that specializes in WordPress Development. He likes to share his knowledge and experience through writing articles on web design, website development, SEO & Social Media related topics.

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