How to Download YouTube Videos for Mac


How to Download YouTube Videos for Mac

If you are using Windows Operating system then you have got a lot of options with the help of which you can download YouTube videos but if you are using Mac then all those methods that work for windows will not work on it. So, you will have to find out a solution to download videos for Mac from YouTube. Certainly, there are different ways to do this and we are going to explain a few ways with the help of which you can download YouTube videos in your Mac.

Get a downloader

This is perhaps the easiest and the simplest way to download YouTube videos on Mac. Just like windows OS, there are many software program that can be used to download YouTube vides on Mac. All you need to do is to install that downloader software in your computer and then let it do its work. Some of the downloaders will show a button on the video and you can download that video very easily by clicking on that button. Some downloaders work in a different way. You may need to copy the URL of that video and paste it in the downloader. In this way, the downloader will download the video from YouTube in your Mac. One thing that you must keep in your mind is that, a downloader that is designed for Windows OS will not work on Mac and similarly a downloader designed for Mac will not work on Windows OS as well.

Use online downloaders

If you don’t want to install a downloader tool in your Mac then you can simply use different online websites with the help of which you can download YouTube videos easily. All you will need to do is to copy the URL of the video and then past it in that website. The video will be downloaded in your desired directory.

Download directly from Safari

Mac supports Safari browser normally and if you are using this browser then you can easily download YouTube video for Mac. However, you will have to do a little technical work. This is a clean and simple way to download videos from YouTube directly to your Mac. Remember that you will not need any kind of downloading software or a download assisting website. You will be doing this manually on your own.

An easy way to download YouTube videos through Safari is available. First you will need to open the video page and then press Command-Option-A. This will open the activity window in front of you. You will see a list of those websites that are open on Safari browser at that time. You can scroll and find that page on your YouTube video is open. Once you will leave the cursor on that link, you will see the details about what has been loaded on YouTube page.

There will be an element with a size of 0.5MB. You can double click on that element and Safari will automatically download that element. Now go into the folder where that link has been downloaded and change it extension to .flv. This will validate the video file and you will be able to see it on your Mac.

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  1. I use safari & mozilla firefox i find they are great browsers with lots of available bolt on tools Glad i found this post i can now donload videos for the mac.Superb

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