PhotoSmart Premium from HP – Outstanding in All Features, within Budget


Photo Smart Premium from HP – Outstanding in all features, within budget

If you are looking for a computer printer with all vital features which should also be of high quality and great speed then your destination will be Photo smart from HP which is priced at $199. Looking it for the first time, you would not believe its power. Equipped with some buttons, and a prominent power button it feels like well polished box without any sharp corners.

The lower portion in the front side has memory cards and a port. The paper input tray is capable of containing 120 paper sheets and a smaller tray above can hold maximum of 20 photo papers and output tray can withstand 50 papers.

After loading ink lid was opened to insert the ink cartridges on its place. If you find any difficulty then follow the guidelines pasted on the right side of print assembly. You can save more dollars if you purchase high capacity ink from HP for taking more printouts.

The LCD slot is reasonably big enough and feels like an iPhone to touch. The text are clear and legible and contains icons for four functions namely copying, scanning, taking photos and establish snap fish connection which is the only site available in Photo smart premium.

Changing the settings and scrolling through menu was easy and simple enough even for fresher. All the operations can be done easily without any difficulty or strain. The LCD screen displays a clock for all set up process indicating the time required for completion of the task. After successfully installing the software drive, the printer asked to test its quality by taking a print photo.

You can choose to take photos printouts from your computer file, or from memory card or digital camera and everything was simpler than expected. Three options were displayed on touch screen when camera was connected to the printer. The ‘Create’ option enables you to take printouts of photos to make an album. The View/ Print option allow selecting the photos of your choice and after selection the images are displayed as thumbnails. It is possible to make lot of editing and adjustments before taking a printout. The ‘Save’ options in the unit enables you to save the image from memory card, or camera on your computer.

With photo smart premium you can print anything from external device like mobile phone because of its Bluetooth feature.

The other functions like copying and scanning are great and the speed of photo smart was well above average. The test was conducted on printouts of text documents, text and graphics documents and was repeated on colour photos also. The printer excelled in all the tests and the output was also overwhelming.

To conclude, the Photo smart premium from HP is an outstanding printer suitable for your office or home with excellent features and affordable price and high quality.

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